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Leaving the Rest in the Dust®

Soilworks is the world’s leading manufacturer of environmentally safe soil stabilizers and dust control agents.  Offering solutions to commercial, industrial and military customers worldwide.  Put us to work for you and experience how our products stand up to the toughest tests imaginable.


A Product for Every Application

No matter what your dust control needs are, Soilworks has developed a product that will meet your needs. Our line of superior dust control products were developed in the laboratory and tested in the field so you can feel confident no matter which solution you choose.

Designed to Perform. Every time.

No matter which Soilworks product you choose, you can count on it performing at the highest level because it’s been designed to perform. Each Soilworks product was created in the lab, to an exacting set of criteria that we insisted on meeting. Taking the time to make sure each Soilworks product performs the way it’s meant to means less time that you have to spend worrying about dust control or soil stabilization.

Whatever Your Industry, We Have You Covered

For more than a decade, our dust control products have been meeting the exacting standards of professionals in every walk of life. From mining operations south of the equator to military projects in the Middle East, Soilworks has been there, creating dust control and soil stabilization solutions that work. Let our dust control experts put their knowledge to work for you.

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Soilworks Water Conservation Results

This number represents the equivalent number of gallons of water Soilworks has saved with its products world-wide.