Our Process & Methods

The beauty of Soilworks products is the fact that they were designed to be manufactured. That might seem obvious but we take nothing for granted. We want our products to provide the same consistency every time you use them. Whether it’s the first drum or the 22nd Super Jumbo Railcar, you will receive the same high-quality results.

Lab Developed. Field Tested.

Developing our products in the lab, testing them tirelessly, having them evaluated by third-party agencies and listening to the feedback provided by our customers has created a suite of dust control products you can trust. Soilworks products were designed in the lab to meet the strictest criteria that you will face in the field. You can trust that our high-quality dust control products will offer the same quality results every time. They’ve been designed to do just that.

Our products are safe.

More than that, they’ve been engineered to be environmentally friendly and environmentally responsible. Take Durasoil® for example. Not only is Durasoil a state-of-the-art product engineered for today's challenging dust control needs, it’s also a colorless, odorless, ultra-pure synthetic fluid formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficacy.

Every project has its own list of variables.

It’s our job to make sure that our products perform for you every time. We have dedicated dust control experts who can assess your job site and make the proper recommendations for what products will work for your specific needs. Because Soilworks products were designed to produce repeatable results, you can rest assured that our products will perform for you every time.