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Egg Harbor Township BMX Track Gets an “Olympic” Quality Upgrade

Proper track maintenance is a big part of BMX racing – something that often goes unseen but is still vital to BMX riders’ safety and success. Soilworks’ patented Soiltac has proven to be a strong performer in providing a consistent track experience that it has been used for Olympic BMX tracks in 2008 and 2016.

Choosing Between Synthetic and Petroleum Oil-Based Dust Control

Many dust suppressants in today’s market are petroleum based oils and include materials that can be harmful to human health and the environment. At Soilworks, we believe in bringing integrity and quality performance to the dust control industry, so we engineered and patented the world’s first 100% non-petroleum synthetic dust control solution, Durasoil®, which is completely non-toxic and pollutant-free.

Using Dust Control to Prevent Brownouts and Kopp-Etchells Effect

Military organizations around the world rely on Soilworks to prevent helipad and airfield foreign object debris from obstructing visibility and creating dangerous work environments. Brownouts and the Kopp-Etchells Effect are caused by uncontrolled, dusty sand and can be prevented with effective dust suppression solutions.

Dust Suppressants vs. Soil Stabilizers

When it comes to controlling dust and soil erosion, it’s important to consider what your project needs are in order to choose the right product. At Soilworks, our experts are trained to help provide your company with the best dust control and soil stabilization products on the market that suit your project requirements. From suppressing dust on construction sites to preventing mine stockpile erosion, we have a solution for you.

Soilworks Helps Keep Olympic BMX Tracks Weatherproof and Durable

Untreated BMX tracks tend to soften when exposed to rain and become susceptible to ruts, which can be dangerous for riders racing at fast speeds. Track builders like Elite Trax trust Soiltac to create sturdy race tracks that can withstand high impact and inclement weather, including the 2016 Summer Olympics BMX course.

Complying with New Federal Limits on Mine Dust Exposure

This year, the Mine Health and Safety Administration (MSHA) began phasing in new dust exposure regulations to help reduce coal miner’s exposure to deadly dust as part of their Respirable Coal Dust Rule. August 1 marked the third and final phase of the rule, reducing permissible dust exposure limits from 2 milligrams per cubic meter of air to 1.5 mg.

Reduce Dust and Save Water with Soilworks

Droughts in dry, desert areas make controlling dust and conserving water necessary tasks in order to keep the air clean without wasting precious resources. This especially rings true for mining and construction operations where managing airborne dust is crucial for maintaining air quality compliance and worker safety.

Meet the Experts Behind Our Mining Dust Control at the 2016 Elko Mining Expo

The 2016 Elko Mining Expo gives attendees an up-close look at how Soilworks is shaping the way mining operations across the globe are controlling worksite dust and stabilizing soil.

Soilworks: Hard on Dust, Safe on the Environment

The first official Earth Day on April 22, 1970, marked the beginning of an environmental movement that has helped shape the way we view our impact on the Earth. Each year, Earth Day is celebrated by hundreds of countries worldwide with activities focused on improving the environment like planting trees, reducing waste and conserving water.

Construction Dust Control Solutions That Work

Construction sites face the challenge of limiting workers’ exposure to harmful dust created by daily operations like heavy vehicle traffic, site preparation, demolitions and cutting concrete. New government-regulated dust exposure limits are increasing the urgency for long-lasting dust control methods that can help construction companies maintain compliance.


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