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Choosing Between Synthetic and Petroleum Oil-Based Dust Control

Many dust suppressants in today’s market are petroleum based oils and include materials that can be harmful to human health and the environment. At Soilworks, we believe in bringing integrity and quality performance to the dust control industry, so we engineered and patented the world’s first 100% non-petroleum synthetic dust control solution, Durasoil®, which is completely non-toxic and pollutant-free.
There is no environmental consequence to worry about when applying Soilworks’ products. Our revolutionary dust control products are resilient and provide long-lasting results while consistently remaining eco-safe and biodegradable.

Companies using petroleum-based dust suppressants must comply with strict oil pollution and spill prevention regulations as well as reporting requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulatory agencies. Without proper precautions, these dust control products could leach and contaminate groundwater, which is why regulations often require double-wall storage or secondary containment of these products.

Environmentally-Friendly Dust Control

There is no environmental consequence to worry about when applying Soilworks’ products. We are dedicated to creating products that can be used safely and easily by a wide variety of industries. Each product has been lab and field-tested, ensuring that we are providing the purest, highest-quality dust control solutions on the market.

Our revolutionary dust control products are resilient and provide long-lasting results while consistently remaining eco-safe, biodegradable, water resistant, ultraviolet ray resistant, non-flammable and safe for humans, animals, vegetation and marine life.

Durasoil, our patented, synthetic dust control fluid, is made from clean and abundant natural resources. Its non-petroleum based formulation with gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology has risen to the top of the dust suppression industry for its environmental efficacy. From the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to the EPA, Durasoil’s continuous validations are extensive and thorough, documenting its significant performance over traditional petroleum oil products as well as its ultra-pure environmental efficacy.

How Does It Work?

Durasoil is hydraulically sprayed over surfaces with any equipment that is capable of spraying water. As it penetrates the soil, Durasoil coats, wets and agglomerates fine soil particles together, resulting in a re-workable, dust-free layer of soil that is engineered to withstand the most extreme weather and environmental conditions.

After application, the treated area is ready for use and doesn’t require a cure time. Even under intense-use conditions, Durasoil’s unique, self-healing and re-workable properties remain effective for long-term performance.

For more information, please visit http://www.soilworks.com/ or /durasoil.

Chad Falkenberg

Chad Falkenberg is the founder, chairman and CEO of Soilworks, the world’s leading provider of dust control and soil stabilization solutions. Falkenberg founded Soilworks on strict philosophy of establishing the industry’s standards for superior performance, accountability and environmental stewardship.



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