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Durasoil – the Dust Control Solution for Cold Climates

The bitter cold is no match for Durasoil, which continues to work long after other products freeze or destabilize.
In climates where temperature fluctuation is a concern, the molecular properties of Durasoil allow it to continue to work long after other commercially available products have frozen or destabilized.

Dust is something you think of in hot and dry climates and areas. But doesn’t cease to exist just because it gets cold. Your need to control dust and keep small soil particles from being blown or washed away on your job site doesn’t stop in winter, either.

That’s why Soilworks developed the revolutionary, state-of-the-art dust control agent Durasoil. Regardless of weather conditions or season, Durasoil stays on the job.

Durasoil stays remains in a usable liquid and flowable state even in extreme cold temperatures where other water based products would long have frozen (or destabilized in their containers) and become unusable. Even in freezing conditions, Durasoil can be applied in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius.

Simply put, Durasoil does what it’s supposed to do – every time you use it.

That’s why it’s has been used around the world, in some of the toughest conditions, by some of the toughest customers – including the United States Armed Forces and the country’s largest mines.

In fact, Soilworks created Durasoil at the request of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to eliminate hazardous landing conditions for helicopters from dust and foreign object debris (FOD).

Why is Durasoil Different?

Durasoil is different because it was engineered to be different. There are enough variables to control on a job site without worrying about whether or not your dust control product will work.

That’s why Soilworks created the revolutionary Durasoil – to provide the most reliable dust control product ever created and to put it to the test in the toughest conditions possible.

Durasoil’s dust control properties are the same no matter when you use the product or where you apply it. This ultra-pure, synthetic fluid is formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficacy.

What Makes Durasoil Different?

There are many reasons to choose Durasoil for your next project. Our experienced sales staff can run down the complete list of advantages for you. Here are some of the primary reasons our customers choose Durasoil:

  • Durasoil has the unique ability to be reworked while maintaining its dust controlling properties. That means that the non-crust forming, water insoluble wetting action-generating ability of the product remains even in the rain. Moreover, unlike traditional Most products form a crust forming dust control agents that, once disturbed, must be reapplied, Durasoil’s self-healing properties continue to perform.
  • Durasoil is crystal clear, odorless and can be applied without the need for water dilution, saving precious resources.
  • Any equipment capable of spraying water can also spray Durasoil. That means Durasoil is safe to spray and can be applied without the worry of equipment damage. This is important because most dust suppressants normally damage expensive equipment including corrosion, settling sludge, clogging, build-up, surface coating, g & staining and even, disintegrating pump seals.

Certified to be Environmentally Friendly

While Durasoil is tough on dust, it’s still gentle on the environment. Durasoil was the first synthetic fluid based dust control product to be accredited by the Bureau de Normalisation du Quebec (BNQ).

Recognized as the world’s leading accreditation program for dust control agents, the BNQ process includes dozens of the most challenging, extensive and exhaustive evaluations in the industry. These comprehensive evaluations are comprised of chemical complexity, bio-concentration potential of critical contaminants, degradation levels, aquatic toxicity, soil toxicity, genotoxicity as well as many others.

Beyond the ecologically friendly composition of Durasoil, applying the product also produces environmentally friendly results.

First, the use of Durasoil to suppress dust saves millions of gallons of water each year. Traditional dust suppression tactics require the excessive use of our most precious resource, due to the quick rate of evaporation of water. This is especially true of water when used to control dust alone is simply a short-term solution and must be continuously reapplied.  Reapplication not only consumes water and/or additional dust palliatives, it increases costs associated with the labor and equipment to apply it. Water savings explains the importance of Durasoil longevity.

Also, the use of Durasoil helps control the small fines that are prone to blowing away on dirt and gravel airfields, roads, etc. Without fines, surfaces ravel apart as density (compaction) is lost leaving the area to ultimately become unstable and highly prone to wash-boarding, rutting, potholes and erosion.  Without fines, new soil/aggregate must be imported, at a high cost, to rebuild the area. In addition, fugitive dust introduced to your site can be worked into the already treated areas, up to the point when the dirt would need a light maintenance application re-application of Durasoil.

Dust suppression tactics that revolve around water usage are now a thing of the past with the Durasoil, where the repeatable consistency of the product is unmatched and allows for large-scale repeatability and dependable performance. Durasoil is a time-tested product that is the product of choice for the world’s most demanding companies.

Chad Falkenberg

Chad Falkenberg is the founder, chairman and CEO of Soilworks, the world’s leading provider of dust control and soil stabilization solutions. Falkenberg founded Soilworks on strict philosophy of establishing the industry’s standards for superior performance, accountability and environmental stewardship.



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