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Soilworks Helps Keep Olympic BMX Tracks Weatherproof and Durable

Untreated BMX tracks tend to soften when exposed to rain and become susceptible to ruts, which can be dangerous for riders racing at fast speeds. Track builders like Elite Trax trust Soiltac to create sturdy race tracks that can withstand high impact and inclement weather, including the 2016 Summer Olympics BMX course.
Elite Trax, the premier BMX track building company in the world, built the challenging BMX race course used in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. To create a durable and fast top surface, Soiltac was mixed in with local red clay and coated on the track. Photo provided by Elite Trax.

Soilworks at 2016 Rio Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics BMX track built by Elite Trax was an 18-month project that was treated with several layers of Soilworks’ leading soil stabilizer, Soiltac, to create a durable and weatherproof race track.

The fill soil used to shape and build course obstacles was treated with Soiltac, and to create a durable and fast top surface, the Soilworks product was mixed in with local red clay and coated on the track. Sections of the track were then topped with GreenSet surface or covered with turf to create a colorful and challenging track safe for Olympic athletes racing at fast speeds.

What is Soiltac?

The most durable of Soilworks’ product lines, Soiltac is a revolutionary copolymer product that serves to control dust, erosion and stabilize soil on a range of surfaces. When applied to a surface, Soiltac’s copolymer molecules work to form bonds between the soil or aggregate particles, creating a flexible solid-mass that is extremely durable and water resistant.

Here’s a more detailed look at our Soiltac solution benefits:

  • Dries transparent/clear

  • Water resistant

  • Dries odorless

  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic

  • Non-corrosive and safe for all equipment

  • Dries flexible/elastomeric

  • Non-flammable and non-volatile

  • Non-slippery and safe to drive on

  • Non-leaching (Will not continue to seep into soil or around water)

  • PM10 and PM2.5 compliant (Stops dust particles of 2.5+ microns in size)

The water resistant property of Soiltac is important for outdoor BMX tracks because it prevents the soil from becoming soft or muddy during inclement weather. The long-lasting, crusted surface created by Soiltac makes perpetual repairs on high-impact areas a thing of the past.

For more information, please visit www.soilworks.com/ or /soiltac.

Chad Falkenberg

Chad Falkenberg is the founder, chairman and CEO of Soilworks, the world’s leading provider of dust control and soil stabilization solutions. Falkenberg founded Soilworks on strict philosophy of establishing the industry’s standards for superior performance, accountability and environmental stewardship.



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