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Soilworks Helps Mines Maintain MSHA Compliance

Dust exposure has remained a hot topic in the mining industry for many years. Today, coal mining operations are in immediate need of solutions to their dust problems as the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) rule to limit coal dust exposure presses forward despite industry challenges.
Soilworks’ dust control solutions such as Durasoil and Soiltac are extremely durable, convenient to use and trusted within large-scale open pit and underground mining operations around the world.

The Coal Mining Controversy

The MSHA 2014 rule reduces coal dust exposure limits by one quarter for underground mining operations. In addition, new technology will be enforced to provide real-time monitoring of dust levels in order to avoid prolonged periods of high coal dust.

These regulations were established to combat the excessive counts of lung diseases such as pneumoconiosis, emphysema, silicosis and chronic bronchitis, together known as black lung caused by inhaling coal dust raised into the air by coal-cutting machines.

Phase two of the MSHA rule will mandate the use of personal dust monitors and increase air sampling frequency during underground mine operations.

The National Mining Association (NMA) and workers within the mining industry are in opposition of the costly and inconvenient measures required by the new regulations.

On Jan. 25, 2016, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit denied two challenges presented by NMA and Murray Energy, but despite petition denials, coal companies continue to press on in the fight against the new MSHA regulations.

The Soilworks Solution

Limiting exposure to dust is important for the health and safety of workers within the coal mining industry, but controlling fugitive dust doesn’t have to be a headache.

At Soilworks, we know that creating a safe work environment and avoiding MSHA fines are among top priorities for mining operations, so we have hand-crafted a line of dust control products that solve the difficult dust control and soil stabilization challenges faced by surface and underground mines.

Soilworks’ dust control solutions such as Durasoil and Soiltac are extremely durable, convenient to use and trusted within large-scale open pit and underground mining operations around the world.

Our Soiltac and Durasoil solutions can address the following challenges for mines:

·      Aggregate Importing and Exporting

·      Air Quality Compliance

·      Operational Costs

·      Operational Safety

·      Reclamation

·      Road Grading Maintenance

·      Road Load Bearing Capacity

·      Road Maintenance and Grading

·      Road Potholes, Rutting, Raveling and Washboarding

·      Rolling Resistance

·      Stockpile and Tailings Loss

·      Water Conservation

·      Wind and Water Erosion Control

To find out more about how Soilworks can help you, visit https://soilworks.com and /mining.


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Chad Falkenberg

Chad Falkenberg is the founder, chairman and CEO of Soilworks, the world’s leading provider of dust control and soil stabilization solutions. Falkenberg founded Soilworks on strict philosophy of establishing the industry’s standards for superior performance, accountability and environmental stewardship.



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