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Soilworks, Sustainability and the Environment

Ever wonder what ingredients are included in your dust control products? It’s a fair question and one that you should be able to seek an answer to without much hassle.
What goes into our products is about more than just performance. It is also about the environment.

Ever wonder what ingredients are included in your dust control products? It’s a fair question and one that you should be able to seek an answer to without much hassle. We’ve already told you about our transparency. It’s part of what makes Soilworks the leading manufacturer of sustainable and environmentally safe soil stabilizers and dust control solutions.

But what goes into your products is about more than just performance. It’s also about the environment.

Getting the Job Done While Protecting the Environment.

Part of what sets Soilworks apart from the competition is its environmentally safe materials. Soilworks is consistently dedicated to creating products that can be used safely and easily by a wide variety of industries. Each product has been lab and field-tested and the result is what has become the purest, highest-quality dust control solution on the market.

Soilworks’ Durasoil and Soiltac products are resilient with long-lasting results. They are also eco-safe, biodegradable, water resistant, ultraviolet ray resistant, non-flammable and are safe for humans, animals, vegetation and marine life.

Water Conservation

Soilworks products not only conserve, but also outperform water as dust control solutions and greatly prevent the accumulation of unnecessary costs and labor.

Consider the number of applications you would have to use when attempting to keep soil watered down. In order to see results you would have to re-apply water to soil constantly, especially in dry, hot climates. Unlike water, Soilworks products are engineered to display lasting results after just one application.

The constant application of water is not only wasteful, but also requires a greater use of fuel and manual labor. Using Soilworks products to suppress dust and stabilize soil will help you cut additional expenses.

Soilworks Products Help Support Energy Conservation Efforts

Soilworks solutions are widely used in the energy solutions industry. Dust control plays an important role in efficient solar energy production. We’ve created dust control products that are dependable and work to prevent dust buildup on the surface of photovoltaic solar panels. The accumulation of dust on the surface of solar panels can reduce the system’s efficiency by up to 50 percent.

Soilworks products have been utilized at multiple solar fields including the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project. The infrastructure provides 4,500 megawatts of electricity from solar and other various sources to nearly 3 million homes in Los Angeles County. Edison has trusted Soilworks products to help keep their solar fields clear of dust and as efficient as possible.

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Chad Falkenberg

Chad Falkenberg is the founder, chairman and CEO of Soilworks, the world’s leading provider of dust control and soil stabilization solutions. Falkenberg founded Soilworks on strict philosophy of establishing the industry’s standards for superior performance, accountability and environmental stewardship.



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