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The Serious Cost of 


Dust control is serious business. But understanding that you need to control it is only half the battle. It’s also important to know the hidden costs uncontrolled dust brings with it – equipment wear and tear, safety concerns, prolonged labor commitments and more. What do you really need to consider? Our dust control experts can show you.
It’s easy to see the most obvious effects of dust: diminished air quality, safety concerns and poor visibility. Yet these are only the starting points for why dust control is a necessity on a job site. Our dust control experts know the true costs of neglecting dust control.


The less you control dust, the more you incur maintenance expense – starting with the wear and tear non-stabilized roads can cause on equipment


Ignoring dust control can prove costly in many ways including safety. Fugitive dust can cause unsafe working conditions and treacherous landing conditions.


Brownouts can grind workflow to a halt. Poor visibility leads to safety issues on the ground, lower productivity and plenty of damaged equipment.

Labor Cost

Poor visibility, hazardous working conditions and equipment breakdowns all lead to lower productivity and higher labor costs.


Dust control is heavily regulated by agencies that won’t accept shortcuts. Not controlling fugitive dust leads to stiff fines from these agencies.


The lack of dust control can lead to equipment malfunctioning and breaking down, shortening its lifespan while increasing costs and decreasing productivity.

Water Isn't Free

Water is seen as a cheap solution to dust control but its actual costs are very high: increasing labor, more manpower, costly refueling and much more.

Dust-related Illness

Failing to control dust can cause serious respiratory problems for workers and hazardous working conditions, which can lead to accidents.

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