Dust Suppressant Applications

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Dust Suppressant Applications

Are you a hydroseeder or hydromulcher looking to diversify your service offerings and maximize your equipment’s potential? Look no further than Soilworks’ line of advanced dust suppressants.

Why Add Dust Suppressant Application Services

Continuous Revenue Stream

Unlike one-time hydroseeding and hydromulching projects, dust suppressant applications generate recurring revenue opportunities. By incorporating this service, you’ll tap into a steady flow of business year-round.


Maximize Equipment Usage

Your specialized hydroseeding and hydromulching equipment is highly effective for applying Soilworks’ dust suppressants. This expansion allows you to keep your machinery in action, increasing its value and reducing downtime.


Low Business Risk

Dust suppressant applications have a proven track record, unlike hydroseeding where seed germination can be unpredictable. This lower liability translates to reduced risk for your bottom line.


Expanded Client Base

From construction sites to mining operations and industrial facilities, offering dust suppression services opens up new customer segments, strengthening your market position.


Eco-Friendly Solutions

Soilworks’ dust suppressants feature sustainable synthetic polymer and fluid formulations, allowing you to provide environmentally conscious services that align with your clients’ green initiatives.

The Soilworks Advantage

Private Labeling

Build your own branded dust suppressant line through our private labeling services, further enhancing your market presence and brand recognition.


Ongoing Support

We’re committed to providing ongoing support, offering expert guidance and troubleshooting to ensure seamless integration of our dust suppressant solutions into your operations, guaranteeing your success in this new venture.



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Don’t miss this lucrative opportunity to grow your hydroseeding and hydromulching business. Contact Soilworks today to learn more about our dust suppressant solutions and how they can unlock new revenue streams for your company.


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