Protecting neighboring communities from dust and odor is an important factor in landfill operations. Soilworks provides best-in-class dust control and soil stabilization for unpaved haul roads and parking lots, staging and laydown yards, stockpiles, and landfill cells capped with soil. 

Durable, Dust Free Roads

From road stabilization on landfill haul roads to slope and berm erosion control, our products are engineered to get the job done without harming the environment. Our biodegradable copolymer Gorilla-Snot® is the leading soil stabilizer for unpaved haul roads, providing durable, dust-free roads ideal for transfer, garbage and roll-off trucks.


Long-Lasting Dust Control

Durasoil® is the world’s only patented synthetic dust suppression fluid on the market today. Its re-workable and self-healing properties provide reliable dust control that lasts from weeks to years, effectively reducing landfill haul road maintenance costs. The solution is applied “as-is” with no water dilution and is non-corrosive to equipment.

Landfill Solutions In Action

Road Stabilization

Slope & Berm Erosion Control

Staging & Laydown Yard Dust Control

Parking Lots

Odor Control

Tailings Dams & Benches Erosion Control