Soilworks’ field-tested products provide dust and erosion control for environmental remediation projects to prevent soil contaminants from becoming airborne or migrating into bodies of water. Our solutions contain no harmful by-products and provide long-lasting asbestos and other toxic dust abatement by capping contaminated soils and stockpiles.

Dust and Erosion Control You Can Count On

Companies around the world rely on Soilworks to control toxic dust and contain hazardous waste. Our products are used in a wide range of remediation projects from mine reclamation to building demolition, delivering reliable dust and erosion control you can count on. 


Non-Toxic and Easy to Apply

Our solutions are biodegradable, non-toxic and easy to apply with any vehicle capable of spraying water. When you choose Soilworks, you’re choosing long-lasting dust control and soil stabilization solutions with no spoiled by-products, no leaching with the rain and no inconsistent performance.

Remediation Solutions In Action

Stockpile Capping

Haul Roads

Toxic Erosion Control

Daily Cover

Mass Capping


Remediation Clients

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