Coal-Fired Power Plants

Coal ash contains hazardous contaminants that can harm air and groundwater quality if not properly treated. Soilworks’ state-of-the-art dust control solutions help coal-fired power plants maintain CCR compliance by controlling fly ash dust while adding to the BTU value of coal, preventing spontaneous combustion and reducing oxidation.

Coal Ash Dust Control You Can Trust

Soilworks’ leading dust control and soil stabilization products help prevent material loss and leaching by capping coal ash stockpiles, landfills and tailings impoundments. Our large, on-hand inventory ensures product availability and fast delivery, so you can get started on your project right away.


Patented and Field-Tested Products

From dust control on haul roads to erosion control for fly and bottom coal ash, our patented and field-tested products provide long-lasting, environmentally-friendly solutions to dust problems without harming the soil or rinsing away with rain water. Our products have been rigorously evaluated and verified to ensure you’re working with the industry’s best performing, most reliable dust control and soil stabilization solutions available today.

Coal-Fired Power Plant Solutions In Action

Dust Suppression

Air Quality Compliance

Operational Efficiencies

Improved Public Perception

Coal-Fired Power Plant Clients

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