Solar Farms

During the construction of solar farms, airborne dust can impede efficient installation, harm air quality and prolong the permitting process. Soilworks provides engineered solutions to control dust and surface debris during the construction of alternative energy installations in order to ensure air permit and compliance upon project completion.

Long-Lasting Dust Control

Solar farms trust Soilworks for turnkey solutions that provide long-lasting dust control from the beginning of construction to project permitting and closeout. Our quality-engineered products like Durasoil® and Gorilla-Snot® eliminate airborne dust to ensure air quality and permit compliances are met and maintained.


Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

Soilworks provides energy installations with innovative solutions for dust and erosion control that do not harm the surrounding environment. Our products are biodegradable and provide effective dust control with no odor or surface water runoff. 

Solar Farm Solutions In Action

Dust Control

Air Quality Control

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Project Close Out

Solar Clients

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