From dusty trucking and railroad intermodal facilities and ocean port laydown yards to unpaved runways and helipads, Soilworks is known for its dependable ability to solve difficult soil stabilization and dust control challenges.

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The safety of aviation crews and the efficiency of landings and takeoffs are directly related to the in-situ strength of the landing pad or helipad. A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Study (ERDC/GSL TR-10-38) found that a helipad treated with Soilworks products was 10.5 times more effective in providing dust abatement and in-situ strength than untreated soil.

Transportation Solutions in Action


Our proven dust control and soil stabilization products show time and again how effective dust control management can be when it comes to transportation needs. Our products can create a crust, effectively sealing dust in and keeping dust down. This leads to safer driving conditions, resulting in a less-fatigued crew. Learn More


The lack of dust control can lead to serious safety problems for airfields, runways, aprons, helipads, over-runs, taxiways and storage pads. The potential for damage and safety concerns arising from foreign object debris (FOD) and brownouts can have serious consequences for aviation fields, equipment and personnel. Soilworks products can address these situations, as well as help to bring airports and airfields into FAA compliance by providing and ensuring adequate airfield surface conditions


Rail line dust can lead to significant challenges for railway companies. Effective dust control leads to conditions at rail yard loading areas, where rail line ballast can create the most dust. Ballast dust is stopped in its tracks by Soilworks' dust control solutions, leading to a safer, more productive work environment.


Just as the effective use of laydown yards require planning and organization, so does the effective control of dust in laydown yards. Like many other work environments, neglecting to reduce dust can lead to hazardous and dangerous conditions. Soilworks’ dust control solutions can help eliminate the most dangerous conditions.

Intermodal Yards

Like any other shipping yard, intermodal facilities rely on productivity and efficiency. Staying productive (and safe) is much harder when dust control of an intermodal yard has been neglected. Soilworks’ team of dust control experts can meet the challenge of controlling dust at intermodal yards head on. Our job is to make your job run smoothly.

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