Unpaved roads and parking lots with high shear force areas from steering tires and solid axle trailers require durable dust control solutions to help maintain air quality and driver safety. Soilworks offers reliable, patented dust control solutions that will help keep dust down without harming the soil.

Create Safe Driving Conditions

Soilworks helps tame airborne dust on unpaved roads and trucking facilities, where air quality and visibility are vital for daily operations. Our products help create safe driving conditions and reduce costly vehicle maintenance caused by dusty environments.


Improve Driver Retention and Reduce Fines

Dust-free trucking facilities improve driver retention, reduce fines and ensure proper air quality for neighboring residential areas. Soilworks’ leading soil stabilizer Gorilla-Snot® and patented dust control fluid Durasoil® are easy to apply, non-corrosive to equipment and last from months to years, perfect for taming dust on straightaways, parking and turning areas.

Trucking Solutions in Actions

Vacant Land Dust Control

Laydown Yard Dust Control

Parking Lot Dust Control

Road Shoulder Stabilization

Slope & Berm Erosion Control

Road Stabilization

Trucking Clients

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