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Soilworks is your behind-the-scenes hero, ensuring your production runs smoothly and uninterrupted, harnessing the same top-tier, eco-friendly dust control technology trusted by Hollywood’s finest.

In the bustling world of film production, where a single site may host many personal vehicles, tractor-trailer units, five-ton trucks, one-ton trucks, stock trailers, and catering trucks, dust control is essential. A road accustomed to fewer vehicles a day is suddenly inundated with traffic, creating an overwhelming dust problem. Soilworks offers the solution, curbing dust on such high-traffic roads, maintaining visibility, ensuring safety, and reducing the impact on expensive film equipment, thereby preserving the impeccable quality of your cinematic masterpiece.

Ensuring optimal performance and a clean, safe environment on movie sets and entertainment venues is paramount, and that’s where Soilworks comes into play. Our dust control solutions provide a superior, eco-friendly approach to suppress unwanted dust without compromising the integrity of the location. With Soilworks, production never has to stop due to dust-related issues, keeping your show going and your team working smoothly.

Temporary Roads and Parking


Soilworks operates as a behind-the-scenes champion at your entertainment events, delivering smooth operations without interruption. Harnessing the same top-tier, eco-friendly dust control technology trusted by world-class event organizers, Soilworks ensures your venue remains clean, safe, and ready to provide an unforgettable experience.

In the electric atmosphere of large-scale entertainment events, the creation of temporary roads and parking lots is often required to accommodate a plethora of vehicles. When a patch of land, typically accustomed to minimal traffic, becomes a hive of activity, dust can quickly become an overwhelming problem. Soilworks steps in here, offering robust dust control solutions that effectively manage these sudden high-traffic scenarios, ensuring visibility and safety while reducing dust-related wear and tear on vehicles.


Elevating the attendee experience and ensuring a safe, clean environment at entertainment venues is a priority, and that’s where Soilworks truly shines. Our industry-leading, eco-friendly dust control solutions effectively suppress unwanted dust without compromising the integrity of the venue or the environment. With Soilworks, dust-related interruptions are a thing of the past, ensuring your event runs seamlessly, your guests stay comfortable, and your team operates efficiently.

Soilworks' Gorilla-Snot tames dust at ostrich festival

See Soilworks in action! Our eco-friendly dust control solution is keeping the vendor areas clean and breathable for everyone – ensuring that the only thing stirring up this festival is fun, not dust.

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The powdered version of Soiltac can be used as both a dust control agent and a soil stabilizer. It acts as a dust control agent, creating a dust-free surface crust when applied to the surface. Alternately, it can be mixed… Learn More

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Soilworks' Durasoil GTL in Action - Brion Energy

See Soilworks in action! Durasoil synthetic dust suppression fluid keeps dust down on heavy traffic haul roads at Brion Energy in Alberta, Canada. The gas-to-liquid (GTL) solution coats and agglomerates particulates, weighing them down like water so vehicles traveling on unpaved roads do not generate dust. Durasoil’s long-term wetting properties last from months to years depending on project needs.