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ADEQ Turns to Gorilla-Snot to Solve Dust Problems Causing I-10 Closures in San Simon

Soilworks Supplies Nearly 1 Million Gallons of Eco-Friendly Dust Control to Prevent Dangerous Dust Conditions Produced by Local Farmland


PHOENIX – Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) has chosen Scottsdale-based Soilworks, the worldwide leader in dust control and soil stabilization, to solve the dust problem causing freeway closures along Interstate 10 in San Simon with almost 1 million gallons of its eco-friendly copolymer, Gorilla-Snot.

“After touring the site, we knew we had a solution to limit the intense dust problems that have impeded traffic and commerce along the I-10,” said Chad Falkenberg, president and founder of Soilworks. “Our Gorilla-Snot product offers an environmentally safe solution to the problem.”

Gorilla-Snot is an eco-safe, biodegradable, liquid copolymer used to provide erosion control and dust suppression. The product, similar in consistency to the non-toxic white glue found in school classrooms, was applied to create a surface crust covering 320 acres of the problem area closest to the freeway.

The area gained national attention in April when a local farmer tilled more than 640 acres of farmland near the I-10 Freeway. During periods of high wind, the field created extremely dusty conditions that required the Arizona Department of Public Safety to shut down a 62-mile stretch of the interstate ten times due to dust-related accidents and reduced visibility.

San Simon is located approximately 40 miles east of Willcox in southeast Arizona. The closures forced motorists to use a 110-mile detour.

What is Gorilla-Snot?

Gorilla-Snot is a biodegradable copolymer engineered to penetrate into the ground to create a strong and resilient, yet flexible surface that can withstand intense environmental conditions without harming the soil.

This military-grade product is designed to solve the most difficult dust suppression challenges. It is field-tested by military organizations such as the U.S. Department of Defense Army Corps of Engineers and is the product of choice for mines across the globe to eliminate tailings impoundments erosion.

A modest application of Gorilla-Snot will create a light surface crust that remains water permeable for air and water, yet perfect for controlling dust and suppressing PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter to maintain air quality and visibility.

Gorilla-Snot does not migrate away from treated areas and does not leach into groundwater. Its water-insoluble formulation prevents it from washing away in the rain.

For more information on Soilworks, please visit www.soilworks.com.

About Soilworks

Soilworks provides engineered solutions to meet the broad needs of the dust control and soil stabilization industry. Whether the market is commercial, industrial or military, Soilworks has the innovative tools, unmatched technical support, and environmentally friendly technologies to fulfill specific requirements. Soilworks’ performance-driven portfolio of industry-leading products include the Patented U.S. Dept. of Defense Surtac®, Soiltac®, Powdered Soiltac®, Gorilla-Snot® and the newly patented Durasoil®. Soilworks’ international sales network, global distribution centers and integrated customer service provide an ideal platform to satisfy all its customers’ needs. Get to know Soilworks better at www.soilworks.com. or call 1-800-545-5420.


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