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Soiltac Soil Stabilizer and Dust Control Agent Utilized for ADOT Unpaved Road Projects

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) approved and successfully applied Soiltac copolymer emulsion as a new environmentally safe and more economical method for soil stabilization and dust control.

Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) approved and successfully applied Soiltac copolymer emulsion as a new environmentally safe and more economical method for soil stabilization and dust control. The Soiltac dirt road stabilization product has been proven to stabilize poor soils on unpaved roads.

ADOT and the City of Mesa recognized the benefit of utilizing Soiltac to suppress dust and improve the strength, stiffness and durability of the soft subgrade soils that make up many of their unpaved dirt roads. When used to solidify poor subgrade soils on unpaved roads, the Soiltac soil stabilization solution reduces the required thickness of overlying asphalt pavement or other types of wear surfaces as well as increasing the useful life of the road. Furthermore, Soiltac’s ability to stabilize almost any type of native soil or aggregate provides a significant cost savings over the costly traditional method of importing suitable aggregate to replace the existing native soil road base. This revolutionary road dust control and soil stabilization product is environmentally safe and is one of the first genuinely biodegradable soil stabilizers. Unlike most soil stabilizers and dust control products currently on the market, Soiltac does not contain any byproducts and is manufactured to a patented formula using strict engineering specifications.

Soilworks, LLC is the innovator and manufacturer of Soiltac liquid soil stabilizer and dust control agent. Soiltac is a cost effective and innovative dust suppressant that is engineered for today’s challenging soil stabilization and dust control needs. This revolutionary product is a highly concentrated copolymer emulsion. The key to Soiltac’s exceptional performance is its ability to form strong yet flexible three-dimensional bonds between soil and aggregate particles. Soiltac is designed to be extremely durable and resistant to water, sun, alkaline and daily use. It can be as simple to apply as watering the ground. Furthermore, the Soiltac road dust control agent is designed to be diluted with water and work its way down into the soil to maximize the penetration depth and minimize dust. Once cured, Soiltac becomes completely transparent, leaving the natural landscape to appear untouched. Soiltac’s results are based on the application rate used. Modest applications can create a light temporary surface crust that is ideal for erosion control and dust control needs. Heavier applications of Soiltac can generate results similar to the qualities of cement or a low cost alternative to traditional asphalt paving.

The United States Army Engineering Research and Development Center (ERDC) and the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) have evaluated many of Soilworks soil stabilizers, dirt road sealers and dust control agents, including Soiltac® (http://www.soiltac.com/Tests_Evaluations.html). As a result, all of the company’s products, Soiltac, Gorilla-Snot, Surtac and Durasoil continue to receive dust suppression and desert soil stabilization contracts as well as GSA orders to aid the United States Department of Defense for domestic and international theater operations, including Iraq.

ADOT’s use of Soiltac was heavily weighted by its proven soil stabilization performance, unique characteristics and ability to save money over traditional dust control and road building methods. Soiltac was applied by Cactus Transport, Inc. of Tolleson, AZ as well as its sub contractor, Asphalt Busters, Inc. of Phoenix, AZ. The Soiltac was mixed into the existing native soil road base using a computerized distributor truck and an industrial road reclaimer to maximize efficiency. The uniformly mixed base course was then compacted and allowed to dry and cure into a dense permanent base. Following the application of the surface wear course for dust suppression, the roads were then opened to traffic.

From unpaved heavy haul road soil stabilization to a light crust for construction site fugitive dust control, Soiltac is actively solving soil stabilization and dust control challenges throughout the world’s residential, industrial, commercial and military markets. For more information on Soiltac dirt road sealer, dust suppression and soil stabilization products please visit www.soilworks.com or call 1-800-545-5420.


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