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Soilworks Dust Control and Soil Stabilization Products Help Reduce Air Quality Fines for Companies

Soilworks, the worldwide leader in dust control and soil stabilization, is expanding its efforts to reduce air quality fines.


With a projected 3.3 million premature deaths each year by 2025 due to prolonged air pollution and EPA fines to companies that don’t meet with air-quality compliance, Soilworks, the worldwide leader in dust control and soil stabilization, is expanding its efforts to reduce air quality fines.

As oversight for air quality increases at both the local and federal level, more businesses are looking to keep up with air quality compliance and avoid costly fines.

“Air quality is a serious issue with strict regulations around the country,” said Chad Falkenberg, founder of Arizona-based Soilworks. “We understand how these regulations can burden businesses. Our products, Durasoil and Soiltac, help companies reinforce air quality compliance.”

Coming off of its second U.S. patent, Durasoil is a revolutionary, state-of the-art dust suppression solution that is created using a gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology. The result is a safe, non-toxic composition that is capable of reducing the generation of airborne and suspended particulate matter for long periods of time.

Soiltac is an innovative product that is designed for today’s most challenging soil stabilization and dust control needs. When Soiltac is applied, the copolymer molecules conjoin and form a bond between the soil or aggregate particles to create a flexible, solid mass that is durable and water-resistant.

“Both Durasoil and Soiltac are specifically designed to control fugitive dust and to meet the needs of our clients,” Falkenberg said. “The solutions that Soilworks provides to businesses and worksites helps to ensure air quality compliance around the nation.”

About Soilworks

Soilworks provides engineered solutions to meet the broad needs of the dust control and soil stabilization industry. Whether the market is commercial, industrial or military, Soilworks has the innovative tools, unmatched technical support, and environmentally friendly technologies to fulfill specific requirements. Soilworks’ performance-driven portfolio of industry-leading products include the Patented U.S. Dept. of Defense Surtac®, Soiltac®, Powdered Soiltac®, Gorilla-Snot® and the newly patented Durasoil®. Soilworks’ international sales network, global distribution centers and integrated customer service provide an ideal platform to satisfy all its customers’ needs. Get to know Soilworks better at www.soilworks.com. or call 1-800-545-5420.


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