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Soilworks’ Industry Leading Dust Control Product, Soiltac, Receives Prestigious BNQ Certification

Dust Control Company Becomes First to Have Two Products Certified

Chandler, Ariz. – Soilworks, the world’s leader in dust control and soil stabilization technology, is now also the only company to have a synthetic copolymer pass the rigorous standards of the highly coveted and prestigious Certificate of Conformity from BNQ for its eco-friendly formula.

Soiltac, the flagship product in Soilworks’ dust control and soil stabilization suite of products, was recently awarded certification by BNQ, joining the company’s key product, Durasoil, as the industry’s leading dust control products.

“This certification is further proof of the strict standards that we hold ourselves to every day,” said Chad Falkenberg, founder of Soilworks. “Our mission is to ensure that our customers always receive the best products available on the market. This BNQ certification demonstrates that we’re accomplishing that goal.”

Certification by BNQ is an exacting process that requires complete transparency and top-tier products that can hold up to rigid testing protocols. Soiltac now joins Durasoil as the industry’s only suite of non-corrosive, eco-friendly and highly effective dust control products to pass BNQ. Last year, Durasoil became the first synthetic fluid dust suppressant ever to be awarded the highly coveted BNQ certification for its superior eco-friendly formula.

“Not only were we the first, but we also helped develop the unique testing procedures that other organizations benefit from,” Falkenberg said. “It’s all part of our mission to set the standards for the industry, which we feel benefits everyone, especially our customers.”

“BNQ is the strictest and most demanding standard that consumers can trust and our industry can embrace with Soilworks leading the way.” Falkenberg said. “We’ve been the industry leader for years because we care about the environment, our products’ performance and successfully solving our customers’ challenges. This is just one more validation of our continuous efforts to advance the dust control and soil stabilization industry worldwide.”

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About Soilworks
Soilworks provides engineered solutions to meet the broad needs of the dust control and soil stabilization industry. Whether the market is commercial, industrial or military, Soilworks has the innovative tools, unmatched technical support, and environmentally friendly technologies to fulfill specific requirements. Soilworks’ performance-driven portfolio of industry-leading products include the Patented U.S. Dept. of Defense Surtac®, Soiltac®, Powdered Soiltac®, Gorilla-Snot® and Durasoil®. Soilworks’ international sales network, global distribution centers and integrated customer service provide an ideal platform to satisfy all its customers’ needs. Get to know Soilworks better at  or call 1-800-545-5420.


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