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Soilworks® Marks 20 Years of Manufacturing Innovative and Environmentally Friendly Dust Control Products

Dust Control and Soil Stabilization Leader Continues to Lead the Way in Providing Transparent, Reliable Solutions


Scottsdale, Ariz. – Soilworks, the world’s leader in dust control and soil stabilization technology, is marking its 20th anniversary of creating and manufacturing reliable, innovative soil stabilization products that continue to lead the industry in environmentally conscious production and application.



Founded in 2003 by Chad Falkenberg, Soilworks has proven to be a leader in formulating and producing soil stabilization products that provide cost-effective and results-based solutions for its clients around the world.


For two decades, Soilworks has demonstrated a commitment to quality and performance that has led to multiple dust control products including Durasoil®, Soiltac®, Gorilla-Snot® and Surtac®. Along the way, Soilworks has been awarded multiple patents for its cutting-edge dust control technology and unique high-performance soil stabilization solutions.


“We set out to create a company that could make a difference – both in our industry and for the environment,” Falkenberg said. “Twenty years on, I believe we’re not only making a difference, but we’re also helping to change the industry.”


As an example, Falkenberg points to his company’s patented Durasoil dust suppressant product, which was the first dust suppressant to be certified using the rigorous standards of the highly coveted and prestigious Certificate of Conformity from the Bureau de Normalisation du Quebec (BNQ) for its eco-friendly formula. Certification by BNQ is an exacting process that requires complete transparency and top-tier products that can hold up to rigid testing protocols.


“It’s one of the strictest and most demanding standards for manufacturers and it tells consumers and businesses alike that they can trust our products,” Falkenberg said of BNQ certification. “It’s a validation of our efforts to promote transparency in our industry.”


That transparency goes hand-in-hand with the company’s innovation. Durasoil’s ultra-pure synthetic fluid is formulated with non-petroleum Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) technology, made from clean, plentiful natural gas. Durasoil is distinctively crystal clear, odorless and formulated to meet the highest standards of environmental efficacy. Similar to water that never evaporates or freezes, its unique ability to be continuously reworked and self-heal has dramatically elevated industry expectations of performance and longevity in the field.


In 2020, Soilworks also received Kosher certification for Durasoil, which is now used broadly in agricultural applications, given its unique composition and relative safety for food uses such as rice and grain storage as well as milling.


With non-corrosive, eco-friendly and highly effective dust control products to offer its customers, Falkenberg said the future is bright for his company.


“We’ve been the industry leader for years because we care about the environment, our products’ performance and successfully solving our customers’ challenges,” he said. “Our future as a company will see us continue to lead the way in our industry, with our customers – and the environment – benefitting from those efforts.”


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About Soilworks

Soilworks provides engineered solutions to meet the broad needs of the dust control and soil stabilization industry. Whether the market is commercial, industrial or military, Soilworks has the innovative tools, unmatched technical support, and environmentally friendly technologies to fulfill specific requirements. Soilworks’ performance-driven portfolio of industry-leading products include the Patented U.S. Dept. of Defense Surtac®, Soiltac®, Powdered Soiltac®, Gorilla-Snot® and Durasoil®. Soilworks’ international sales network, global distribution centers and integrated customer service provide an ideal platform to satisfy all its customers’ needs. Get to know Soilworks better at or call 1-800-545-5420.


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