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Why Aren’t Soilworks’ Application Rates Published?

Why don’t you publish your application rates? The answer is simple and complicated at the same time.


We get asked this question several times a day. After all, we were the first dust control company to publish our recommended application rates.


So why aren’t our application rates still on our website?


The answer is simple and complicated at the same time.


Personalized Attention

First, at Soilworks it’s important that our products fit your needs and provide the solution that you’re looking for in a dust control product. For us, that means we want to take the time to better understand your challenge and to offer the best solution for your project.


That takes a lot of one-on-one time with you, as our experts craft a plan based on what you tell us about your project. And as you can imagine, it’s a hard thing to accomplish if we simply hand out generic application rates.


No Two Sites are the Same

The second reason we stopped publishing our application rates has to do with what our customers told us as we learned more about them. It also has a lot to do with the things you’re trying to control.


To put it simply: no two sites are the same. The soil is different. The climate can be different. Traffic conditions inevitably vary from project to project. And the length of the solution needed changes.

In other words, it’s not as simple as looking at a chart, figuring out one variable and then applying our product.


In fact, there are numerous variables to consider on each project, which is why we assign you a Soilworks expert who knows your field and has created solutions for projects like yours.


What are our experts looking for when discussing your site? There are many things to consider including:

  • What are all the goals you are trying to accomplish?
  • How long is the project and what maintenance cycles are preferred?
  • How and when is the product going to be applied?
  • What is the traffic type and volume?
  • Where is the project located?


Shades of Grey

As you can see, it’s not black and white. There are a lot of grey areas that need to be considered when it comes to dust control. That’s actually one of the reasons why we chose grey as one of our brand colors – to help you get to the clear conditions and blue sky, we need to help you through the shades of grey that exist in your project.


Generic charts and standard application rates aren’t enough. It takes a Soilworks expert to ensure your project finds that blue sky.


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