Problems We Solve

Soilworks’ collection of dust control solutions solves a myriad dust control and soil stabilization problems that can arise in the day-to-day operations of many businesses, from construction and mining to alternative energy and military operations. Our products help businesses comply with safety and regulatory agencies while creating healthier, more efficient and profitable work environments.

Dust Control

Dust control is what Soilworks was built to handle. From the deserts of the Middle East to the arctic regions of Alaska and Canada, our products provide cost-effective solutions that help companies complete their tasks more efficiently. Controlling dust also means controlling safety issues, maintenance costs and potentially costly fines that arise from fugitive dust. Learn More

Soil Stabilization

Soilworks helps businesses and military operations take the less-traveled path around the globe. Stabilizing roads created as a necessity to provide military access, construction supply lines and peacekeeping operations is a core component of Soilworks’ business. Learn More

Road Maintenance

Rutting, washboarding and erosion can be costly complications for companies relying on access roads as their main arterial transportation sources. The degrading of a road’s surface increases costs to companies as the road decreases in quality. These costs can be found in the repair and replacement of equipment, lost productivity and the introduction of fines from regulations designed to curb fugitive dust. Learn More

Water Conservation

Controlling dust also means being able to control the use of one of our most precious finite resources – water. Soilworks’ solutions eliminate the need for treating roads and surfaces with water while providing a solution that is still environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Learn More

Air Quality Compliance

Companies that work in dusty environments know all too well the issues that can arise when local, regional and federal regulations are breached. Soilworks products help companies stay in compliance and avoid costly fines and safety concerns. Learn More

Operational Safety

A healthy and safe workforce is a productive workforce. Soilworks helps companies provide safe and compliant environments for employees to contribute to their companies’ production goals and bottom line. Learn More