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The Problem of Untreated Dust


Soilworks is the world’s leading manufacturer of environmentally-safe soil stabilizers and dust control agents.

effective dust control


Durasoil with GTL technology is a revolutionary patented, state-of-the-art synthetic dust suppression fluid; engineered for today’s most challenging intense-use dust control needs.  This ultra-pure non-petroleum based fluid is made from clean, abundant and economical natural gas.  Durasoil is distinctively crystal clear, odorless and formulated to set the highest global standards of environmental efficacy.


This industry-leading biodegradable product is uniquely re-workable and continues to bind dust particles regardless of the abuse it receives.  Furthermore, Durasoil is designed to be applied and provide effective dust control even in freezing arctic conditions or blistering desert heat.  Durasoil is the dust suppressant that performs virtually anywhere.


Durasoil has many applications in the construction and mining industries as well as the military. Durasoil controls dust for such diverse applications as underground mining heavy haul roads, airport unpaved gravel runways, intermodal trucking yards, helicopter landing pads and even military tank trails.


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Serves to control dust, erosion and stabilize soil


Soilworks engineers used recent advances in simulation, chemistry, processing techniques and analytical instrumentation to create Soiltac, a revolutionary polymer product that serves to control dust, erosion and stabilize soil.


When Soiltac is applied to the soil, the copolymer molecules coalesce and form bonds between the soil or aggregate particles. Long molecular structures link and cross-link together forming a flexible solid-mass that is durable and water resistant.


This innovative product is completely eco-safe, biodegradable, water resistant, ultraviolet ray resistant, non-flammable and is safe for humans, animals, vegetation and marine life. 


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Powdered Soiltac®

Simple and easy to apply (as a dry powder or through liquid dispersion) Powdered Soiltac is the only patented dry polymer soil stabilizer on the market. Used as both a dust control agent and a soil stabilizer, Powdered Soiltac can create a dust-free surface crust or be mixed into the soil to solidify and stabilize the ground. Powdered Soiltac is the highest (100%) solids soil stabilizer and dust control agent on the market.

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effective dust control


The innovative product is a biodegradable, copolymer-based dispersion that is primarily designed to control dust and erosion. Gorilla-Snot is comprised of long, molecular structures that link and cross-link together to form strong bonds between particulates, soils and aggregates. The solution is designed to be easily applied topically to almost any soil or aggregate. A modest application will create a light surface crust that remains water permeable for air and water, yet perfect for controlling dust and suppressing PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter to maintain air quality and visibility. Increased applications of Gorilla-Snot are highly effective for roads and other traffic areas. The product is engineered to penetrate into the ground creating a strong and resilient, yet flexible, surface wear course that can withstand the intense abuse of vehicle traffic and environmental conditions. 

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Specification Assistance

There are many variables to consider when selecting the proper soil stabilizer or dust control agent.

Customized Dust Control

We know that no two dust control projects are the same. There are too many variables between projects for that to be the case.