Customized Dust Control

Knowing that products like Durasoil® or Soiltac® will perform the same every time you use them - every time you order them - means being able to rely on trusted performance to make your unique project work.


Tailor our Products to Your Project

Our products are manufactured so that application rates and methodologies can be optimized based on the soil types, usage, maintenance cycles and budgets that your project requires. It allows us to tailor our dust control products, soil stabilizers and application methodologies to fit your needs.

Need to stretch the life of your dust control solution? We can help you achieve that goal. Have a specific budget to work with? We can make our products make financial sense for your company. Our products can adapt and so can Soilworks.

Bottom Line

We know that no two dust control projects are the same. There are too many variables between projects for that to be the case. That’s why we leverage our experience and knowledge in the industry to develop and customize unique solutions for your site’s specific challenges.