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Soilworks products are the industry’s top standard due to our insistence on creating high performance soil stabilization and dust control products that stand up to rigorous testing – both in the lab and in the field. Our commitment to quality and performance has led to our involvement and testing in hundreds of real-world situations. The following library of reports, presentations, specifications, approvals and other similar documents provide you, our customer, the transparency and dependable assurance that is expected from Soilworks.

Rapid Soil Stabilization Technologies (TPD0407001)

2004 Demonstration Project Ft. Bragg, North Carolina PowerPoint Presentation


  • Low Logistical Effort
  • Low-Dosage Stabilization
  • Reduced Cure/Construction Times
  • Tailored to Mission Requirements
  • Weatherproofing/Dust Control


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Multiple Photos – ERDC HVS Test Facility, C-130 Wheel, 30,000 Lbs on Stabilized Soil,

Soil Stabilization, Mat Placement, Dust Contro



  • Tested Commercial Mat Types Over Different Soil Strengths
  • Developed Rapid Soil Stabilizers
    • Fibers and Fast-Setting Cements
    • Polymers and Fast-Setting Cements
  • Improved Dust Abatement
    • Topical Applications Sharply Reduce Airborne Dust
    • HUMVEE Sprayer
  • Developed Cold Weather Stabilizers
    • Admixtures in Cement For Curing under Freeze-Thaw Conditions


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Multiple Photos – Matting Systems, Fiber Stabilization, HUMVEE Sprayer


Mat Technologies

  • Mats are Reusable, Readily Assembled and Replaceable
  • Mats Reduce Soil Deformation Under Heavy Aircraft Loads

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Multiple Photos – Multi-Purpose (MP) Mat, Mobi-Mat, Dura-Base

Fort Bragg Demo – Apron 1

Liquid Polymer and Cement/Polymer Cap Combo

  • 3% Polymer + 3% Cement – Tested to 750 C-130 Passes
  • Increased CBR from 10-15 to 100+

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Multiple Photos – Cement Spotting and Spreading, MTVR/Terex, Polymer/Cement Mixing, Compaction

Fort Bragg Demo – Apron 2

Fiber and Cement/Polymer Cap Combo


  • 0.4% Fibers/4% Cement – Tested to 750 C-130 Passes
  • Increased CBR from 10-15 to 80+
  • Fibers distribute load over broad area


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Multiple Photos – Spread Fibers, Mixing, Cement Spotting and Spreading, Fiber/Cement Compaction, Mixed Fibers

Fort Bragg Demo

Why Polymers and Fibers?


  • Reduced Logistics
    • Polymers and Fibers Weigh 1/3 Less Than Cement
  • Improved Performance
    • Less Cracking Means Less FOD
  • Polymer and Cement Synergy
    • Polymer Helps Cement
    • Cement Helps Polymer

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Figure Fort Bragg Soil Strengths

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Multiple Photos – Fibers, Polymer

Fort Bragg Demo

Weatherproofing and Dust Control

  • Liquid Polymer Emulsions
    • Forms Tough Weatherproof Layer on Soil Surface That Locks Down Dust
  • Synthetic Oils
    • Resists Water
    • Glues Dust Particles Together Preventing them from Becoming Airborne

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Multiple Photos – Aircraft


  •  C-130 Deliverable Soil Stabilization Equipment
    • Terex RS-325 Reclaimer/Stabilizer
    • Liquid Mixing and Dispensing Capability
  • Lower Logistics and Improved Performance for Mission-Specific Soil Stabilization
    • 24-Hour Stabilization
    • Reduced Cracking and FOD Potential

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Multiple Photos – Soil Stabilization Equipment


  • Improved Airfield Matting Systems
  • Rapid Dust Control Equipment and Materials
  • Freeze-Thaw Stabilization Technologies

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Multiple Photos – Soil Stabilization Equipment

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