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Certificate of Analysis Durasoil – Aquatic Consulting & Testing Inc – Mutagenicity (TD0506028)

Aquatic Consulting & Testing, Inc.

1525 W. University Drive, Suite 106

P.O. Box 1510

Tempe, Arizona 85281

Phone: (480) 921-8044 – FAX: (480) 921-0049          Lic. No. AZ0003

Certificate of Analysis




Tests were conducted during May and June using APHA Method 8030B (Ames Mutagenicity Test). The submitted product was analyzed as received with no dilution other than that analytically required.





Test strain:      TA97A Salmonella


Result:             No apparent mutagenicity






Frederick A. Amalfi, Ph.D.

Laboratory Director


For questions pertaining to these analyses, please contact: Aquatic Consulting & Testing, Inc.

phone: 480-921-8044

e-mail: ramalfi@aquaticconsulting.com

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