Georgia DOT Approval - Durasoil

Georgene M. Geary, P.E.
Georgia Department of Transportation; Office of Materials and Research

Department of Transportation

State of Georgia

#2 Capitol Square, S.W .

Atlanta, Georgia 30334-1002

September 8, 2006

Mr. Chad Falkenberg

Soilworks,   LLC 681 N. Monterey St. Suite 101

Gilbert. AZ 85233

Dear Mr. Falkenberg:

Subject: New Products Evaluation Committee Action on Soilworks, LLC's "Durasoil®Synthetic Organic Dust Control", NPE#0608-1

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The New Products Evaluation Committee considered the subject product during its August 17, 2006, meeting. The Committee recommended that the Department allow the use of this product  on  Department construction projects for dust control at the discretion of the contractor.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, feel free to contact:

Brad Young at (404) 363-7560 or

Brennan A. Roney at (404) 363-7606

Georgia Department of Transportation Office of Materials and Research

15 Kennedy Drive · Forest Park, GA 30297

We appreciate your interest in marketing products that may be of benefit to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Georgene M. Geary, P.E.

State Materials and Research Engineer


CC: Randy Hart, Office of Const ruction

David Hafre, Office of Environmental Compliance

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