Hat Island Durasoil Test Plot Results

Ron Patton
Hat Island Committee


Our test site for Durasoil (a synthetic based dust binder) has been established! On July 1, 2007 George Harmon and Bill Townsend sprayed Durasoil in 2 test segments while Ginger Harmon and Sharron Meadows (Townsend) measured and took notes.

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The 1st segment begins at the corner of Saratoga Dr. and Snohomish Way and continues up Snohomish Way for 50 feet and road width of 15 feet. In this segment a lighter application than recommended was applied, 50 sq. ft. per gallon.

The 2nd segment continuing on Snohomish Way, also 50 feet and road width of 15 feet, had the recommended application of 25 sq. ft. per gallon expected to last 18 months. Next application would require 1/3 of the original amount that was applied.

On those segments there is no dust!  Please drive through and check it out.

Picture Placeholder

Photo. Sprayed area remains darker.

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Photo. Heavier application.

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Photo. Both segments finished.

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Photo. Application is easy - just spray it on.

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Photo. Dust flying before sprayed segment, Ginger continues at same speed and NO DUST on Durasoil section!


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