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Zoning Administrator Hearing City of Mesa Sep 25, 2007 CASE: ZA07-100 (TPD0709020)

Zoning  Administrator Hearing                                         


Mizner Conference Room

Mesa City Plaza Building, Suite 130

20 East Main Street

Mesa, Arizona, 85201

John S. Gendron

Hearing Officer

DATE September 25, 2007              TIME    1:30 P.M.


Staff Present                                                                                       Others Present

Jeff McVay                                                                                           Jennifer Weskalnies

Jim Hash                                                                                               Richard Hale III

Katrina Rodgers                                                                                 Greg Hitchens

Constance Bachman                                                                         Rick Wagner


Case No.:                              ZA07-100

Location:                               6901 South 89th Place

Subject:                                 Requesting a minor modification of a Planned Area Development (PAD) to allow: 1) a reduction in onsite parking; 2) a modification of the landscape requirement within the rear storage yard; and 3) a modification of the foundation base requirement for walls within the rear storage yard; all in the M-1-PAD zoning district.

Decision:                               Approved with the following conditions.

  1. Compliance with the site plan submitted.
  2. The use of decomposed granite in the rear yard area shall be treated with a Soiltac type agent that will dust proof that area and provide stabilization and re- applied as per manufacturers specifications.
  3. Compliance with all conditions of approval set by DR07-109.
  4. Compliance with all requirements of the Building Safety Division with regard to the issuance of building permits.

Summary:                             Jennifer Weskalnies represented the PAD modification request, noting that she did not have additional information to add to the record. Mr. Gendron discussed the request with the applicant and staff. Discussion included the amount of parking provided in relation to the POA requirements and paving of the rear storage. Mr. Hash provided a staff report and recommendation. Mr. Gendron agreed that the request was consistent with the intent of the original PAD approval and would be compatible with surrounding development.

Finding of Fact:

  • The minor modification of a PAD provides relief from development standards that approved with zoning case Z05-090. That case provided setback requirements of 20’ front, 7.5 rear, 20’ street side, 15’ and 7.5 side yards (0’ and 15’ setbacks where two buildings are adjoined at a common lot line).
  • The development is consistent with the General Plan and the Gateway Commerce Park design guidelines. The proposed one story, 4,994 sf building is located on a 34,267 sf industrial lot and will be the future location of Precision Irrigation. The proposed building totals 15% lot coverage, with the remainder of the lot providing landscaping and parking fields in front. The building that be accessed by customers and a rear area be composed of recycled asphalt or DG gravel.
  • Due to dust that could be produced by the use of DG in the rear yard area the use of a Soiltac agent is recommended to dust proof the area and provide stabilization, that will be re- applied as per manufacturers specifications.
  • The reduction of foundation base and landscaping  in  the  rear  yard  areas  are  not viewable through the gates that separate the parking area from the rear yard. In addition to the use of DG surface, the applicant is requesting all use of extruded curbing be eliminated in the rear storage lot area due the maneuvering and loading of large track type earth moving equipment.
  • The site plan and landscape plan are commensurate with development where large off  road construction equipment and tools are  stored. The applicant has provided a letter from the architectural committee for the Gateway Commerce Park approving the plan submitted and staff has no issue with the site as purposed.
  • Strict compliance with current  Code requirements  would  create an environment in the rear storage lot of the facility that would not be practical in regards to upkeep, maintenance and safety. The degree of relief from current code requirements for the proposed site is compatible with, and not detrimental to properties also being developed in the Gateway Commerce Park. The requested deviations related to parking would allow parking that meets  City  of  Mesa  standards.  The approved case required a higher ratio fro parking at this development.

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