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Hat Island Community Newsletter, Jan 2008 (TPD0801022)



I’ve been on the Board for 18 months now and President since September. In that time I’ve seen a lot of great things happen. The Board that you elected in September is filled with hard-working, outstanding members, two that are prop- erty managers in their professional lives and all of which are business people. They are all dedicated to improving our little Island paradise while keeping costs in check. That having been said, this Board is filled with people who will not settle for the “cheapest” repair, as that process has shown itself to always cost more in the long run.

The recent passage of new Articles of Incorporation is the first step in a very long process of updating all of our govern- ing documents. The Governance Committee is hard at work on recommended changes to our by-laws which after satis- fying the Board’s concerns will be sent to the community for your vote of approval. Next all of our rules and regulations will be reviewed, updated if needed and republished with the consequences when rules are broken. We all believe that rules are only worthwhile if they are enforceable and enforced.

This next year will be a very busy one as well. We are updating the RO both with new hardware and new software so that it can run better through periods of low tides. The fresh water well filtration system will be overhauled. In the Ma- rina we will replace our aging docks and steep gangways. The golf course will continue to receive the attention that it got this past fall as we renovate the irrigation system, tee boxes and create cart paths in high traffic areas. We will do major testing of the dust control agent in high traffic areas of our roads. The Elsie’s engines will be rebuilt and we must make some decisions about our aging ferry.

We still have lots to accomplish and I implore you to take an interest in the future of the Island and get involved in the committee of your choice. It is through committees of owners that our system of governance works best and truly be- comes inclusive. The Board is relying on the committees for their input before making the decisions that affect the entire island.

WE HAVE  GREAT EMPLOYEES and we want to keep them and reward them.  This past year I have seen more things fixed, replaced, upgraded and spruced up than in all the years I’ve owned property here. This was accomplished while still staying under our planned annual budget. We were able to accomplish this because of the great family of employees that we currently have. From Chuck our Island Manager to A.J. and Kelsey our Holiday deck hands, they are all hard-working, loyal, and dedicated. In spite of our ability to give them small pay raises over the past two years, we still pay them well below the average rates for our local area.

Each year in January we give you the opportunity to personally thank these great employees by making a voluntary donation to the “Employee Bonus Fund”. We use this fund to give the employees a little something extra in their Decem- ber checks. So this January when you get your annual invoices please consider a personal thank you to our employees with a “little something” extra.

From the Hat Island Board I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the very best in the New Year.

Ginger Harmon President

Hat Island Community Association


Winter weather has not stopped the progress being made by a number of our Strategic Planning committees. Here are a few of the highlights over the last few months:

Thanks to Dave Frye and his team who are constantly looking for ways to keep our island safe. The Safety Commit- tee’s proposals presented to the board will make it easier for the Holiday crew to verify as needed that only owners and their guests are coming to the island on our passenger boat. Identification flags on ATV’s on the island will help to cut down on speeders making our roads safer. See this month’s minutes for more information.

Jan Neigel is doing an outstanding job leading a growing Marina Committee. They are busy reviewing layout plans for the upcoming marina as well as considering new rules for both the marina and marina parking which will help to manage the increasing demands on both of those areas. Based on their recommendation, the board has reinstated vehicle regis- tration as a means to rid the marina parking area of abandoned cars. Take a look at some of the past Viewpoints and meeting minutes for more updates and then be sure to stop by the marina and see the beautiful new docks!

The Finance Committee, led by Alan Dashen, has been amazing in their reviews of current and past budgets, processes and ideas related to managing the island’s financial resources and exploring new ways to help us grow into the future. Based on their recommendations, the Board recently authorized the Island manager to set up and move funds being held in low interest savings accounts to CD’s and money markets which provide the same high level of security but a better rate of return.

You can’t step out onto the golf course and not see the results of the hard work of Larry Bender and a very dedicated Golf Committee. Review the minutes of the last several board meetings for more details but here are just some of the high- lights: “Adoption” of almost all of the holes by community members working tirelessly to clean up, plant and beautify the course; establishment of new member, family and individual annual fees; new tee boxes; improved plumbing and irrigation. Take a walk around the course and you won’t believe the difference!

The new Articles of Incorporation which passed resoundingly at the November Board meeting was due to many months of work by Merrill Balanag and the Governance Committee. While it can often be tedious and grueling work, this committee continues to review our outdated documents to make recommended updates to the By-laws, rules and regula- tions which structure how we govern on the island.

While it may be hard to tell in these rainy months, the Roads Committee under Sharron Meadows leadership has found what appears to be a great solution to our summer dusty roads! Durasoil testing has been done in various places around the island and proven to be a great product. This committee has also been busy helping to coordinate bringing in tons of rock and soil too, much of which is being used to fill the potholes and improve surfaces on our roads. By summer you will also notice placement of some much needed new road signs around the island.

Our sincerest thanks to all of our hard working community members who are making such great things happen on our island!

Becki Snellenberg

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