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Hat Island Community Newsletter (TPD0806017)


June 2008, Volume 9, Issue 10

Official Publication of the Hat Island Community


Ah, for the good old days when many of you first started coming to Hat Island. There were no rules, very few people, hardly any golf carts and no ATV’s. But those days are gone and we are becoming more and more a busy residential community.  Here are some things that we all use to do that are no longer appropriate or are unsafe

– We hit golf balls off the bluffs, thinking that it does no harm and that there is no one below. But the office gets complaints all the time about people doing it and walkers on the beach almost get hit by flying balls.

– We let our kids drive our cars, sometimes even without us with them. Years ago this was a great place to teach our kids to drive, but it’s too busy now and it’s not safe.

– We do not have liability insurance on our vehicles, and while it’s not required because of the private nature of our roads, the lack of liability insurance on your car after you’ve had an accident on the island will haunt you financially for a long time.

– We give our kids BB guns and pellet guns and let the roam the island with them – that needs no explanation.

– We play golf without shirts. Years ago our golf course was 9 holes in a cow pasture, now it’s a quality course that deserves our respect and while we don’t see it as a country club course, I know of no other course anywhere who’s dress code allows no shirts.

– There are still a few people who do not pay for golf and as I’ve said before it’s simply stealing from your neighbors and it has to stop.

– Some of us drive around the island at high speed; please remember that the speed limit is 15 on the roads, 5 on the beach and in the marina area.  Not only are high speeds unsafe, they stir up dust on the roads.

Let’s have a safe summer.

Ginger Harmon President

Hat Island Trustees

 Picture Placeholder

Photo: Mike Immel, Yacht Club Commodore, leads Memorial Day Ceremonies.  The Yacht Club sponsored and organized the event.


No Fireworks

The Board has reconfirmed its stand against fireworks on Hat Island. In its May meeting the board voted to implement a “zero tolerance policy” on all types of fireworks, including sparklers. If a verifiable complaint, written, is made against you or your guests for the use of fireworks the Board has directed a $1,000 fine to be levied against the property owner responsible.

Board Elections

As we mentioned in the last View Point, George Alecci will reach the end of his six year eligibility as a board member and cannot run again and Ginger Harmon’s current term expires this year and she must run again. So there are two board positions to be voted on this September.  If you’re interested in running please contact the office.

New Ferry Update

She’s painted, she’s passed her “out of water” USCG inspection, and she is back in the water. Three things preclude us from putting her in service.

1. We bought her after sitting out of the water for four years and while we knew that her engines would run, we did not really know their detailed condition. We do now. A specialist in our engines spent all day Tuesday the 27th on her and gave us a near clean bill of health. But we do need to flush out the old cooling water, clean out the four year old fuel, replace the injectors in one engine and replace the emergency shut off housings on both engines, not a huge amount of work, but time consuming.

2. We still do not have her documentation from the USCG National Vessel Documentation Center and cannot finish her inspections until we get them, this is pretty much out of our control.

3. Crew drill. With Andy’s death we lost our only trained skipper. We need to give Greg time to become proficient in running and maintaining the boat as well as training the crew in emergency actions and maintenance. These are all part of the second portion of our USCG inspections.

We’re working on all of the above requirements and we’ll get the vessel in service as quickly as we can.

Picture Placeholder

Linda, Andy’s wife stands in front of the Ships Bell engraved in his honor.  The bell reads “For Andy, Her 1st Master” and “Andrew Liljestrand ‐ 1956 – 2008” and will be engraved with the vessel name once decided on.


Memorial Day

Took on a new meaning this year as we not only paused to honor service men and women who have given their lives for our freedom, but we also paused to remember and honor Andy Liljestrand, our former ferry skipper.

The Hat Island Yacht and Golf Club took on the full responsibility of organizing and conducting our second annual Memorial Day celebration which included remarks by Haig Cartozian and Mike Immel and also a beautiful performance of the national anthem by Gaby Borromeo.  Our thanks to the Yacht Club for their community spirit and efforts.

We then paused to remember Andy. His wife, mother and family were here. It goes without saying that it was a difficult day, but Linda and her family appreciated it greatly. On a special return trip to Everett on the Holiday Linda spread Andy’s Ashes on the waters he sailed on.

Picture Placeholder

Photo. Haig Cartozian, a Navy Veteran, Gave a touching key note address.

Picture Placeholder 

Photo. Trustee Scott Wilson led Andy’s Memorial Ceremony.



Fuel Costs Hitting Hard

In May of Last year we filled the Elsie M II at $2.77. This May that same diesel cost us $4.66. As fuel and crew are the major components of the variable costs of running the Elsie and Holiday the Board has directed that effective immediately we will add a $50.00 fuel charge to the cost of an Elsie M II charter and we are researching the rules through the WA UTC under which we can add a surcharge to the Holiday.  More to follow.

Elsie M II

When all was said and done the Elsie M II’s rebuild came in at $188,000 (almost double our initial estimates). As we mentioned last month, nearly every system, component or part that we opened or looked at was worn beyond repair and had to be replaced or overhauled. But now we have a vessel that has good engines, good transmissions, a sound deck, and improved maintainability. She should now provide us with years of safe and reliable service. At its May meeting the board authorized an intra-fund loan from available designated monies to pay the repair bill. A portion of this will be repaid through the sales of J38 and Tract A.  The remainder we will repay ourselves over time at 3% interest.

Tulalip Tribes

Will be on the Island conducting annual intertidal shellfish surveys on June 3rd and 5th. They will be conducting digs on June 6th, July 1st, 2nd & 31st and August 1st. Google “Bolt Decision” for information on their treaty rights to do these events.

Strategic Planning Retreat

The strategic Planning Committee has announced a two year update seminar to be held on August 17th. During this meeting we will look at our plan as it now stands, make adjustments and react to changes in our assumptions.  It’s an excellent opportunity to get involved, join a committee or just have your two cents heard.  Mark your calendars.

Property For Sale

The Island had two properties available for purchase. Lot J38 and Tract A in Div K. J38 has been sold. Tract A is still available. It is nearly an acre with a partial view, it has great potential. The proceeds from these sales will partially pay for the overhaul of the Elsie M II.

 Chart Graph Placeholder

Schematic. Div k. J38 and Tract A.

Picture Placeholder 

Photo. Anyone know who arranged this?


Vehicle Registration Forms

Went out with 1st quarter statements and were due back by May 1st. Please take care of this requirement. Beginning 1 July we will not sell fuel to an un-registered vehicle.


Ginger Harmon reminds those homeowners that would like to purchase Durasoil® for their road, should contact the following homeowners that purchased the Durasoil for resale to other homeowners in their Divisions: Greg Harmon – M Division

– 206-851-5943, Sharron Meadows – A Division – 444-6634, Larry Bender – A Division – 206-412-3890, Cindy Gregory – N Division – 444-66-46. The manufacturer recommends that each gallon of Durasoil covers 25 sq. feet of road. The cost $8.00 per gallon.


June 2008

I sure enjoy giving the fantastic golf reports every month. The amount of enthusiasm and volunteer efforts are rewarding. Our latest round of improvements are:

The Caddie shack, completely painted by Dollye & Shirley.

Hole 8 tee box is completely landscaped by Kevin Myers and Bob Gowing, who adopted that hole.

Hole 6 is in the very beginning stages for tee box overhaul, from Ron Near, Bob LaLone and Rusty.

So thanks to all of you for making one beautiful golf course. If you are not a golfer, take a walk about the course and see the hard work being done.

Golf course will be re-rated as a part of a ten year cycle on June 18 by the Washington State golf assoc. It will be great to see the inspectors look on his face when he sees this course since the last time 10 years ago.

Get out there and hit em’

Loren Pawloski


Safety Corner

We all do it on the main land, but not here – that is give right of way to emergency vehicles. Please, when you see one of our fire vehicles with its lights on, pull over and let it pass.

If you have ideas or concerns about safety or security on the Island contact Dave Frye @ fralph46@hatisland.com

Summer Events

 Formula Placeholder

Schedule of Summer Events.



Even though summer has barely started, it’s time to begin thinking about our second annual Oktoberfest. This year we’re moving it to the picnic pavilion to better handle the crowds and to have a dance floor for polkas. Mark your calendars for Saturday of Labor Day weekend. We’ll be looking for volunteers to help pick up and bring over time sensitive food items on Saturday morning.

Marina Project Update

We’ll we’re done for now. We have all new docks, new gangways and new concrete pads at the top of the south gangway. We have an emergency dredging permit in for the entrance and are waiting for the state and federal responses. Our engineers are now working on the initial permits for the expansion and break water work

Our thanks to everyone who helped out during the most recent installation phase. Udo Gerz, Jon Rypdahl, Karen for cookies and coffee, Dave Andrews, Joan Andrews for Lunch, Scott Wilson, Ron Near, Rusty Dicey, Joe Ebner for making the ultimate sacrifice and ending up in the in the water and keeping his smile.

Water Report

We have completed the rebuild of our water office and kitchen and you can feel comfortable that your water is tested and adjusted in a clean environment. The RO is mechanically back on line with numerous retrofits, upgrades and enhancements as well as new membranes. We still need to do some software enhancements and begin chlorinating the product.

We have begun the process of replacing the filter media in our well water filtration system, which is a part of our Arsenic abatement program, though we are still waiting for approval from the state on our plan.

Over the Memorial Day weekend we consumed 81,000 gallons of water. Over the same period last year we consumed 92,000 gallons. Even though Ferry and Marina records indicate that there were more people on the island this year we consumed 11,000 fewer gallons, a tribute to Wayne’s leak identification and repair program.

Our well production through April is below.

 Chart Graph Placeholder

Table. Well Production Through April.



Jerry Harmon passed away peacefully Sunday, May 4th, 2008, with his wife and children by his side. Jerry and his wife Candy along with brother George and sister-in-law Ginger began building on Hat Island in 1991. Jerry, who lived in the Tri-Cities, would often get up around 3:00 a.m. drive to Ellensburg and pick up George and Ginger and head to the island to work on their house. The construction was usually started before 8:00 a.m. They worked weekends and a few weeks in the summer and finished their house in just 18 months. Jerry loved the island, the people and the golf course. He often would go out by himself between projects just to get in a few extra holes.

Jerry along with his best friend and brother George had many interests: building and racing cars, racing snowmobiles, metal art, carpentry (building a few houses), golfing and wine making.

Contributions may be made to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), Seattle, WA, in memory of Jerry Harmon.

Formula Placeholder

Hat Island Community 4th Of July Celebration Notice.



Meeting was called to order at 1:00pm by President Ginger Harmon. Present were George Alecci, Scott Wilson, Bill Townsend, Loren Pawloski, Susan Dahl and Island Manager, Chuck Monson. Becki Snellenberg arrived late at 1:50 pm.

The board approved minutes of the April Board meeting.

Susan Dahl presented the Treasurer’s report – Susan reported that the income was a little more than budgeted and expenses through April were less than budgeted. However, the unexpected repairs to the Elsie will affect the budget.  The board approved the Treasurer’s report as presented.


Finance Committee

The committee met prior to the Board Meeting. Alan Dashen suggested that in order to pay for the repairs to the Elsie, we make an intrafund loan from designated assessment accounts not to exceed $134,000. The loan will be repaid with interest at a rate of 3% annually. Sources for repayment include sale of designated lots, operational revenues (if available) and income from future designated assessments. The motion was made, seconded and passed as recommended.

The Finance Committee will meet June 14th, 9am at the Hat Island office to discuss Island Assessments and Reserves with the intention to present a proposal to the Board at the June Board meeting. The meeting time and place will also be published in the Viewpoint.

Vessels Committee

A motion was made by George and Susan seconded. To offset the rising gas prices, a $50 per trip surcharge will be imposed on the Elsie effective immediately for a period of ninety days. At that time the need for, and amount of, the surcharge will be reevaluated. The Hat Island staff will further analyze imposing of a gas surcharge on passenger fees for the Hat Island Ferry and bring recommendations to the Board at their June meeting. The motion passed unanimously.

After a great deal of discussion George moved and Scott seconded that the Island Management be given the authority to hire a deckhand for the Elsie runs. If a deckhand is hired the cost of the Elsie run will increase to $650 per run.   The motion passed unanimously.


Chuck reported that he needs clarification of who is responsible for removal of material after slides in H Division. A subcommittee of the Roads Committee chaired by Zona Wyatt was appointed to document facts and history related to this issue and present findings to the Board at the June meeting. It is the desire of the Board that this committee have members representing H Division and also members from the bluff lots above H Division.


Ginger Harmon reminded those homeowners that would like to purchase Durasoil for their road, should contact the following homeowners that purchased the Durasoil for resale to other homeowners in their Divisions: Greg Harmon – M Division – 206-851-5943, Sharron Meadows – A Division – 444-6634, Larry Bender – A Division – 206-412-3890, Cindy Gregory – N Division – 444-66-46. There will be more information in an article in the Viewpoint with the cost per gallon and how much road a gallon will cover.


Bill Townsend reported that work on the rehab project is complete. Expansion project is still waiting permits. Chuck did receive an emergency dredging permit and work will begin in June.


Scott Wilson reported the all issues related to the Arsenic letter are moving forward and will be resolved in the time required. The RO membranes have been installed without incident. The kitchens in the water house are done. Chuck Monson passed out a status report on all winter maintenance projects showing what has been completed and what is in process.  Everything is on schedule.


Loren Pawloski reported that everything looks good and he continues to be very appreciative of the tremendous volunteer effort that has gone into the many course improvements.


Dave Fry has mailed out 240 flyers to homeowners promoting the purchase of house numbers through the Fire Department. The concern is that 80% of these homes do not have house numbers visible from the street which makes it difficult for emergency vehicles to find the right house when called.

It is important for all islanders to realize that emergency vehicles with lights flashing must be respected on the island in the same way they are on the mainland. That means you must get out of their way. There have been some recent incidents when cars did not recognize this and did not move to the side of the road when an emergency vehicle needed to pass.

The safety issue of people hitting golf balls off of the bluffs was brought up. There have been a number of complaints from people walking on the beach who have been nearly hit by flying golf balls. Please do not hit balls off of the bluffs.

A couple of other issues brought to the attention of the safety committee include gaps in the new docks where little feet could get stuck and overgrown intersections on the roads which are hard to see around. Both of these issues are being addressed.

Strategic Planning

Becki Snellenberg recommended that the board approved biannual Strategic Planning retreats be held to regularly revisit and update the island’s Strategic Plan and to encourage participation of new community members. The Strategic Plan should be a dynamic document which is constantly evolving as island needs and circumstances change. Since the first retreat was held in July of 2006, a retreat will be held again this summer. The date of Sunday, August 17th was approved and will be published in the viewpoint.  Becki will propose a draft agenda for that retreat to be approved at the June board meeting.



Car Insurance

Chuck Monson reported that he had been asked if the Island required owners to carry car insurance. The Board’s position is that liability insurance is recommended, but not required by the Association. This does not absolve owners of vehicles from responsibility for damages they may cause.

Camping Permits

The question of camping permits for people to camp on their undeveloped property was raised.  Chuck will draft a proposal in this regard to be considered by the Board at the June meeting.


Fireworks are not permitted on Hat Island at any time. In spite of a no tolerance policy being in place for the last few years, homeowners continue to violate this policy.  Susan made a motion that a $1,000 fine to be imposed on property owners who are responsible for anyone who violates this policy. This includes violations by children or guests of those property owners whether or not the violation takes place on the owner’s property. Scott seconded the motion and it carried. Notification of the no tolerance policy and fines will be posted around the island.

Memorial Fund

There is a request that a memorial fund in the name of Bobby Hanson be established to help fund safety needs on the island. Chuck will explore if the parameters of the fund could appropriately be expanded beyond safety needs for future applications.

Fire Department Ferry Tickets

Fire Department volunteers are required to be on the island once each month for fire drills. Those volunteers who live off island and depend on the ferry to attend those drills are given ferry tickets to enable them to attend these required trainings. This is not considered compensation and is not provided to those who don’t need it. It is intended to avoid hardship being placed on those volunteers who are required to attend training and who would not otherwise incur the transportation expense. Volunteers who live off island are given 12 ferry tickets per year. Chuck will provide a set amount of additional tickets to be used by the Fire Chief at his discretion for single incidents when a volunteer might incur ferry transportation costs in the completion of their duties.



Ginger Harmon announced that there will be two board positions to be filled at the September board meeting. Anyone who may have an interest in or questions about running for these positions should notify the HIC office.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:12pm and the board adjourned to Executive Session.

Becki Snellenberg


Hat Island Board of Trustees



May-June 2008

I thought you might enjoy the view out my window this spring.

 Picture Placeholder



This past Sunday at the memorial service I got lots of compliments on the look of the marina park (I’m going to start calling it that, regardless!). I want to be sure that everyone knows the story of how it got to be where it is.

Back when the Island was still debating what they wanted to do with the docks, the Board had authorized some emergency repairs on D dock. Skip, the Island Manager, purchased a good deal of lumber to make the repairs. When the repairs began, it became evident that all the wood was rotten under the docks. Replacing planks on the deck was next to impossible, because there was nothing to secure the planks in place except for rot.  The previous dock renewal, in 1996, was done only to the upper planks, hence the rot underneath. Anyway, after it was decided that maybe it was time to completely replace all docks, all of the lumber bought to repair the docks was left over.

Linda Ebner had been doing a lot to improve the looks of both the marina and the duck pond. She put in the old boat in the marina and dressed it. She fought the nettles & weeds at the tennis court and duck pond to where they are today.  Believe me, it was more “woodsy” than it is now!

Linda had the great idea to use the leftover wood from the docks, and with the help of volunteers, put up the marina fence. That really gave the marina the “park” atmosphere it has today. Please join me in giving Linda a real dose of THANKS!

As promised, below you will see the revised Balance Sheet for 2007. Some of the work done to improve the RO and some of the lesser work on the marina was depreciated. Next month I’d like to share some cost figures for all the work that has been completed this year.

Talk to ya later!



A sub-committee of the Roads committee will be meeting at the Yacht Club on June 28th at 10:00am.

This committee is charged with finding some possible solutions to water outfalls that cause slides and methods of informing top of bluff owners of the County rules about tree cutting and the disposal of trimmings.

Anyone interested is welcome to come and help with the solutions.



 Chart Graph Placeholder

Table. Balance Sheet revisions As Of December 31, 2007

Picture Placeholder 



Please join in welcoming Captain Greg Wickes as our new full-time ferry skipper.

Greg comes to us from Eugene, OR and has years of experience as captain of various commercial yachts including yacht deliveries. He holds a USCG 100 ton Masters license with endorsements for commercial towing and auxiliary sail vessels. He has experience in all aspects of vessel maintenance. He’ll be a great addition to our team.

Please welcome him when you see him.



 Chart Graph Placeholder

Table. Hat Island Community Income & Expenses April 30, 2008


Note: More detailed reports are available at monthly board meetings and are also avail- able in the Community office on the island.

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Various ads from Hat Island.

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Hat Island Schedule of Events, June and July 2008.

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Hat Island Board of Trustees.

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Hat Island Holiday Ferry Schedule.

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