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Hat Island Roads, Maintenance & Public Areas Update (TPD0809020)


September 2008

Dust reduction on roads in certain areas was accomplished. A test area was established  in 2007 with an application of Durasoil  with notable success. The committee made a recommendation to the Board to purchase Durasoil for some public areas and individual property owners could purchase the product in totes to share with their neighbors. Application done by volunteers and staff members went well and dust abatement was extremely successful. There is hope in the community that Durasoil will again be purchased next year by the community and applied on all the heavily traveled roads.

The grading and width maintenance of our roads has drastically improved with Jim Conwell on staff! Although nothing has been done yet to re-engineer “Cardiac Hill” (road leaving the marina area), Jim has kept it manageable.

A “Roads” sub-committee was formed by the Board to address road concerns in H Division. A meeting was held and Board motions in previous years were reviewed. Responsibilities of both the property owners in H Division and the community were agreed upon.

Volunteers did greatly improve some public areas. Melody Smith created several beautiful flower beds in the marina area. Barb Conwell added spectacular hanging baskets at the gangways and garden at the Harbor Master office. Chuck Motson directed staff and volunteers to clean up the large field by the RO and the duck pond “park”. Our committee cannot take credit for this. We are very happy about all the “facelifts” or replacements implemented/encouraged by Chuck Motson!

Another test of products is ongoing – road signs on the corner of Snohomish Way and Saratoga Drive (privately purchased). A comprehensive list of needed road signs has been given to Chuck Motson along with estimates with hope that they can be included in the 2009 budget. There are many intersections without ANY signs. This is a safety issue for location too!

Steps to evaluate the gravel pit and expense was discussed. In light of all the current community expenses, nothing was recommended to the Board this year. It was determined that the gravel pit would need to be surveyed, volume of material assessed by a professional, and perhaps a consultation with a landscape architect as to how long it can be used as a gravel pit.

Roads, Maintenance and Public Areas Committee Members:

Sharron Meadows – Chair

Matt Surowiecki


Merrill Balang

Eleanor Bruegeman

Mike Worthy

Bill Townsend

Scott Wilson

Jim Conwell

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