Lethbridge BMX Association Executive Meeting

Lethbridge BMX Association

Lethbridge Bmx Association

Executive Meeting October 6 2008


Meeting called to order: 7:10pm Last Meetings Minutes: Tabelled. Treasurers Report: Mona will email

Soiltac®: Bought 20 bags. Will do the track once with 5 bags to maintain for 1 year.


Banquet/Awards and Phone List: October 18th at Nord-Bridge Senior Center-lrg. Gym

-Bob gets keys @ 5pm on Friday

-Each child gets McDonalds coupon

-John needs to get Crash Test Dummy award from Kailee Clark

*Note for next year– we need to make a telephone list.


Lethbridge AGM: Will be held same night as banquet. Doors open at 5, dinner at 6. Awards and AGM


ABA Membership Invoice: Alberta AGM needs a cheque for $110 ($50+$1 per rider) for affiliation fees.

-ABA Membership fee of $35


ABA Proxy: Vote. Each member has a vote. AGM is November 8th

-At our AGM will get people to sign.


YFI Minor Hockey News: Produce 600-700 word article for free advertising.

-Darren will write this article


Indoor Building Possibilities- Called Dot Stein, said to call back end of October. Will leave this task for new executive.

-Funding. Potentially write a letter to the Casino. In 2006 indoor costs were:

$2500 Damage Deposit

$2000 Restoration Charge

$3000 Utilities.

-Possibility of a building. Kris Mann called John about is available by Park Lake (Paintball area) If interested, is heater, will allow us to dig. Room enough for one straight, turn, and another straight. Four man gate only.

-Maybe use as a conditioning facility.

-$1500 rent

-$500 Utilities

Total of $2000 per month.


Vote on Crash Test Dummy awards: Girls:


 -Tarren Link

-Kaitlynn Cartwright Winner: Kaitlynn Boys:

-Cam Lavorato

-Kaleb Mann

-Kylar Van Ee

-Curtis McLeod Winner: Curtis


Adjourned: 7:50pm


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