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Development Overview South Weber Pit (TPD0905027)

Development Overview


Presented by Randy Anderson & Dak Maxfield

Marketing of Commercial Sites

Ÿ We currently have an interested entity looking at the Northwest corner of the intersection.

Ÿ May require a reconfiguration of the two commercial parcels currently located on the North side of the road.

Ÿ Their requirements are 1.5 acres directly on the corner with access off of both the frontage road and main road.

Mine Phasing

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Mine Phasing

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Mine Phasing

Ÿ  Currently mining in Phase II while continued mining of floor sand occurs in Phase I.

Ÿ  We anticipate moving into Phase III within 1 year while continuing to mine floor sand in Phase I.

Ÿ  Floor sand extraction is moving at a much slower pace than anticipated. (with only 4 acres of Phase I currently mined out while anticipating having 20 acres mined out at this stage).

Ÿ  Current depth of the pit to the lowest point of the pit floor is 160’ (Mine plan allows for a depth of 180’).

Dust Control

Ÿ  Treatment of roadways with Magnesium Sulfide has been completed.

Ÿ  Use of a substance known as Gorilla Snot has been used to treat the stockpile slopes.

Ÿ  Water truck is circulating daily to moisten roadways and other areas which may be prone to drying out.

Ÿ  Water canons are being used in the active mining areas.

Ÿ  Continued voluntary air quality monitoring continues to occur.

Dust Control – Cont’d

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Ÿ Heavy fines have been placed on exposed slopes.

Ÿ New barricades / wind fences have been installed and strategically placed to disrupt the direction of wind flow as well as knock down sand particles.

General Upkeep & Maintenance – Landscaped Berm

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Ÿ 20 larger caliper trees along with a more adequate watering system have been installed on the berm.

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Voluntary Cash Contribution

Ÿ To date Staker & Parson Companies has contributed an amount totaling $274,626.79 to the City which was to benefit South Weber City’s recreational programs and facilities

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