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South Weber City Council Meeting June 26, 2009 (TPD0905029)


DATE OF MEETING:   26 May 2009                    TIME COMMENCED: 6:02 p.m.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Councilmember Thomas PRAYER: Mayor Petersen

PRESENT:    MAYOR                                            Brent Petersen COUNCILMEMBERS:

Farrell Poll

Scott Woodbury

Michael Poff

Scott Peterson

David Thomas

CITY MANAGER:                          Matt Dixon

CITY RECORDER:                        Erika Ahlstrom

Transcriber: Minutes transcribed by Michelle Clark

A public work/discussion meeting was held at 5:30 p.m. for budget review.

VISITORS: Randy Anderson, Jami Jones, Scott Stowell, Keith Stowell, and Dak Maxfield.

APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA: Councilmember Poff moved to approve tonight’s agenda as written. Councilmember Woodbury seconded the motion. Councilmembers Peterson, Poff, Poll, Thomas, and Woodbury voted yes. The motion carried.

DECLARATION OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST: The council reported no conflict of interest.



Councilmember Poff moved to approve the items on the Consent Agenda. Councilmember Poll seconded the motion. Councilmembers Peterson, Poff, Poll, Thomas, and Woodbury voted yes. The motion carried.

DAVIS COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT – Detective Jon West: Detective Jon West, of the Davis County Sheriff’s Department, approached the City Council and presented the quarterly report. Total incidents for this report was 154.

Councilmember Poff asked about 911 hang-ups and cell phones. Detective West said most of these are from land line phones.

Detective West said there have been recent problems with vehicle burglaries. Those individuals were apprehended and prosecuted. He reminded the council that individuals need to contact the sheriff’s department and file a report if there are items stolen.

Councilmember Poll asked how they identify gang tagging. Detective West said they call in a detective who can identify it. Councilmember Thomas asked how many felonies and misdemeanors. Detective West said a Class A misdemeanor will go directly to court.

Councilmember Thomas asked about having dedicated deputies. Matt said he attended a meeting at the county. The Federal stimulus money pays for one dedicated officer in your community for three years, and come year four the city can pickup the contract. Matt explained that we receive more than what we contract with the county. He said the county reported that in reality you might start to see things go down to what cities have contracted for.

The Council thanked Detective West for his attendance.

FIRE DEPT – Tom Graydon, Fire Chief: Fire Chief Graydon approached the City Council and presented the quarterly report. There were 50 runs for the quarter with an 8 minute average response time, 33 minutes average time spent on a call, and 164 man hours on calls alone. There is an average of 6 firefighters per response. Total manpower includes 16 firefighters.

Chief Graydon then reviewed slides where recent training classes took place. Upcoming events/concerns include: number of firefighters available during daytime, experience levels, time commitment required, NFPA mandates, budget, and age of equipment.

The council thanked Fire Chief Graydon for his attendance.

REPORT BY STAKER PARSONS GRAVEL PIT: Dak Maxfield, of Staker Parsons, approached the City Council. He stated they currently have an interested entity looking at the northwest corner of intersection. This may require a reconfiguration of the two commercial parcels currently located on the north side of the road. Their requirements are 1.5 acres directly on the corner with access off of both the frontage road and main road.

Mr. Maxfield discussed mine phasing. He stated they are currently mining in phase 2 while continued mining of floor sand occurs in phase 1. He said they anticipate moving into phase 3 within one year while continuing to move floor sand in phase 1. He stated floor sand extraction is moving at a much slower pace than anticipated (with only 4 acres of phase 1 currently mined out while anticipating having 20 acres mined out at this stage). Current depth of the pit to the lowest point of the pit floor is 160’ (Mine plan allows for a depth of 180’).

Mr. Maxfield reviewed the dust control plan and explained that treatment of roadways with magnesium sulfide has been completed. Use of a substance knows as Gorilla-Snot has been used to treat the stockpile slopes. The water truck is circulating daily to moisten roadways and other areas which may be prone to drying out. Water cannons are being used in active mining areas. Voluntary air quality monitoring continues to occur.

Councilmember Poll said he isn’t sure the cannons have been used, in fact, one cannon isn’t even hooked up. Randy Anderson said he can check into that.

Mr. Maxfield stated new barricades/wind fences have been installed and strategically placed to disrupt the direction of wind flow as well as knock down sand particles. He reported that 20 large caliper trees with a more adequate watering system have been added to the berm.

Mr. Maxfield stated to date Staker & Parsons Companies has contributed $274,626.79 to the city which was to benefit South Weber City’s recreational programs and facilities. Randy stated Staker & Parsons Companies does contribute to the elementary school with daily planners as well as contribute to the fireworks for Country Fair Days.

Mr. Maxfield reported that the parking lot has been covered with weed killer.

Councilmember Poff asked about phase 3. He suggested coming to an understanding with the city before moving on to phase 3. Mr. Anderson aid we need to get going on that because we are coming up on phase 3 real fast. Councilmember Poff asked Councilmember Thomas about the time frame for amending the agreement. Councilmember Thomas said it will have to go through the necessary public hearings.

Councilmember Poff asked about the west end where the retention pond is located. He said if the city can get the retention pond from UDOT then the berm can be completed on that end. Mayor Petersen thanked them for their report.

Councilmember Woodbury moved to open the public hearing for Resolution 09-19. Councilmember Thomas seconded the motion. Councilmembers Peterson, Poff, Poll, Thomas, and Woodbury voted yes. The motion carried.

* * * * * * * * * * * PUBLIC HEARING * * * * * * * * * *

2010 FISCAL YEAR BUDGET: Matt stated the council has been working on the budget and given the state of the economy the city staff has spent a lot of time reviewing the budget. He said it is 4% less than the 2009 budget. He said this budget does not include any increase of merit or cost of living for employees.

Mayor Petersen asked for public comment. There was none.

Councilmember Woodbury moved to close the public hearing for 2010 Fiscal Year Budget. Councilmember Thomas seconded the motion. Councilmembers Peterson, Poff, Poll, Thomas, and Woodbury voted yes. The motion carried.

* * * * * * * * * * * PUBLIC HEARING CLOSED * * * * * * * * * *

Mayor Petersen thanked the city staff for their work on the budget. Councilmember Poff agreed. He then voiced his frustration with the state dictating the amount the city pays to the justice court judge. Councilmember Poff would suggest sending a letter to the state in regards to that.

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