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Gov’t of Alberta Product Eval of Durasoil (TPD1002005)

Government of Alberta



Product Evaluation

File: 8115-23

Initiation Date: November 2009

Revision Date: February 1, 2010

Expiry Date: February 2013


RE: Review of Durasoil® Dust Suppressant

PRODUCT Durasoil Dust Suppressant is manufactured by SOILWORKS®, LLC located in Scottsdale, Arizona and distributed by Knelsen Sand and Gravel Ltd located in LaCrete, Alberta.



Durasoil Dust Suppressant is a revolutionary state of the art innovation, engineered for today’s challenging dust control needs. This ultra-pure, synthetic organic fluid is formulated to meet the highest environmental standards. Product Web Link: /durasoil


Durasoil Dust Suppressant is a distinctively crystal clear, odorless and is applied without the need for water dilution. The Durasoil Dust Suppressant technologically advanced fluid does not cure, allowing for immediate use upon its application.


Durasoil Dust Suppressant can be safely applied using equipment capable of spraying water. Durasoil Dust Suppressant can be applied effectively to any soil or aggregate regardless of weather conditions. Durasoil Dust Suppressant has been evaluated by the U.S. Army Engineering Research and development Center.


No standards submitted.




Alberta Transportation has no experience with this product.


The Alberta Transportation Specification 53.31, Supply and Apply Dust Abatement is the only specification available for Dust Abatement at this time.

RECOMMENDATIONS Durasoil Dust Suppressant be listed as a Potential Product under Alberta Transportation Products List, Dust Abatement – Proprietary, based on the information provided. Final acceptance as a proven product will be based on field performance.


Joe Filice

Cc        New Product Evaluation Standing Committee – Roger Skirrow

Jim Poole

Jim Gavin

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