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Atlanta Turfgrass Expansion (TPD10050010)

April 22, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Atlanta Turfgrass & Landscape Supply, Inc. would like to respectively request to be put on the consent agenda for consideration of our expansion plans.

We currently have an outside storage permit and stock Turfgrass and bulk landscape supplies; primarily selling to landscapers, but also to homeowners as well. It has become apparent to us that in order for us to maintain our customer base, to remain competitive in the marketplace and give us the opportunity to grow our sales; we need to expand our current product offerings.  We currently have 11 bays of product and are simply adding 10 additional bays. This addition will require no grading, no earth moving, and no tree removals; and will only affect 1/10 of an acre with some additional gravel plus the new bays.

Please see our new site plans for this expansion that have been submitted with this request. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Forsyth County Department  of  Planning  and Development


May 15, 2007

Atlanta Turfgrass & Landscape Supply, Inc. Attn: Greg Bilich

670 Union Hill Road Alpharetta, GA 30004

Dear Mr. Bilich:

RE: ZA# 2899 (AZ070016), Amendment of zoning conditions

Please be advised that the Board of Commissioners approved your request to amend zoning condition #15 placed on ZA# 2899 and also with the site plan showing bin placement which is to be added to the record.

The conditions now read as follows:

  1. The development must meet fire flows of 1500 gpm, or irrigation demands, whichever is greater. All improvements to the County water system that are required to serve this development, as determined by the Forsyth County Water and Sewer Department, shall be designed and constructed at the expense of the developer.
  2. Any gravity sewer lines installed to serve this development will be sized to serve the entire basin. Line sizes and materials must be in accordance with the Forsyth County Sewer Master Plan. In areas of the project where public sewer is not installed, the developer shall provide a separate sewer easement (permanent and construction easement) for future installation of public sewer, in all areas designated by the Department or by the Forsyth County Sewer Master Plan.
  3. If road widening is required as part of the project, such as addition of a left turn lane or deceleration lane, any necessary water main relocation (as determined by Forsyth County) will be done at the developer’s expense.
  4. All improvements shall conform to Forsyth County Construction Standards and Specifications, latest edition.
  5. Developer shall dedicate right-of-way and construction easements as necessary for the widening project of Union Hill Road in accordance with the latest conceptual plan for the Union Hill Road widening project on file with the Forsyth County Engineering Department.
  6. Developer shall construct improvements on Union Hill Road as required by Department of Engineering based on final configuration of site plan.
  7. Developer must comply with Forsyth County Stormwater Design Manual, latest edition.
  8. Show any flood plain on site plan. Elevations shall be established for all Zone “A” floodplain. There shall be no encroachment in flood plain except as approved by Department of Engineering.
  9. Show all State waters with thirty-five (35) foot undisturbed buffers on site plan. Stream buffer encroachments shall be permitted for perpendicular road and utility crossings only. Any other encroachment will require a variance from EPD.
  10. Exterior lighting fixtures shall be situated so that light is directed downward. The fixtures shall be designed so as to minimize light spillage to adjacent properties.
  11. Garbage and refuse containers shall be concealed by means of a screen, wall or fence of material similar to and compatible with that of the adjoining building and shall be located in the most inconspicuous manner reasonably possible. All garbage pickup shall be between 6:00 am. and 9:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
  12. There shall be no billboards or signs on poles. All signs will be of monument type.
  13. Normal business hours will be no earlier than 7:00 a.m. and no later than 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Saturday. Business will not be open on Sunday. This will not prevent delivery of material to the property earlier provided that such deliveries are not to use existing driveway to the residence and will not be located between the residence of Claude Shirley and Mack Green’s property. Truck engines shall not be left idling for more than 15 minutes.
  14. The following uses shall not be permitted on the subject property:
    1. (a)              24 hour business
    2. (b)              Adult entertainment centers
    3. (c)              Adult novelty stores
    4. (d)             Pawn shops
    5. (e)            Tattoo parlors
  15. Existing residence shall be maintained and used as an office. The Conditional Use Permit is granted to allow for the sale of sod and landscaping materials such as but not limited to the bulk sale of mulch.
    1. (a)               Landscaping materials must be contained in concrete bins which shall be limited to six feet (6′) in height and which shall be painted a neutral color.

    2. (b)              Two staggered rows of Leyland Cypress trees shall be planted along the rear property line in order to create a visual screen of the landscaping materials from adjacent properties.

    3. (c)               Any atten4ant rodent problem associated with the storing of bulk landscape materials shall be adequately addressed in a timely manner by Atlanta Turfgrass and Landscape Supply, Inc.
    4. (d)              There shall be no additional nighttime traffic generated by the storing of landscaping materials.
    5. (e)               No additional clearing of the property shall take place unless a new site plan is submitted and approved by the Board of Commissioners.
    6. (f)              Atlanta Turfgrass shall treat and maintain the gravel parking lot area with a dust control agent such as Durasoil.
  16. Three staggered rows of Leylands will be planted where required to supplement existing planted buffer along the property line between the subject property and the property of Max Green.
  17. A four foot high chain link fence with a gate shall be placed along the property boundary line of Claude Shirley.

This action was taken at their regular meeting on Thursday, April 19, 2007.

If you have any questions, please call.

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