Dust Control on Alaska's Village and Rural Roads Yields Community Benefits

Clark Milne
Alaska DOT & PF; Northern Region M&O



Alaska’s Village/Rural Roads


Community Benefits


NR Transportation Forum Friday, October 22, 2010


by Clark Milne, PE

AkDOT&PF; Northern Region M&O


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Our village roads are too dusty, too often (ADEC & EPA will have to enforce PM-10 regs, if  we don’t act to reduce fugitive dust releases?) Noorvik


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Many Alaska villages are known to be affected



Airborne Dust has negative impacts:


  • •       Causes housekeeping issues !
  • Obscures visibility on unpaved roadways
  • •       Interferes with normal plant growth
  • Pollutes adjacent waterways
  • •       Can cause health problems, particularly in infants, the elderly and people with common respiratory problems



Primary/Available Methods to Minimize Road Dust

  • Prepare road and pave?  (Quite expensive, improbable)
  • Apply crushed aggregate surfacing? (supply & funding difficult)
    • Apply water to reduce dust? (Frequency?                                                                         Every day?)
    • Apply community speed limits?  (Need broad “buy-in”)
    • Apply chemical dust palliatives? (Funding? Health risks?)
      • Combination of several alternatives from above - ???





(recent uses at Northern Region sites)

Calcium Chloride (often used on roads & highways) Water !! (not very practical for our traffic, but safe?)

and various “chemical palliatives”

EK-35     (used at 25+ airports, over the last 10 years) Durasoil®  (applied @ airports & roads in last 4 years) EnviroKleen (applied @ Eagle; and Kawarek villages) Earth Armour               (synthetic liquid – used @ Noorvik, 2010) LSP-400 (used on Kobuk/Shungnak roads with BIA IRR funds) Freedom Binder 400 (used on Mat-Su & NP roads in 2010)


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Larger “villages” do watering:  Nome, Kotzebue, Bethel, etc.


DOT&PF–managed road work @ Tanana, applying Durasoil®                          - during Fall 2007

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Tanana typical village road: treated August 2007

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Kawerak applied EnviroKleen at 19 Western villages

(2006 & 2007)

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EnviroKleen was applied on 4 miles of Eagle’s roads: spring 2010; with Denali Commission funding

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Participating villages for the summer 2010 dust control “trials”



As specified in the FY09 capital grant: Ambler

  • Ambler
  • Bethel
  • Buckland
  • Kiana
  • Kotzebue
  • Noatak
  • Noorvik
  • St. Marys



Bethel Buckland Kiana Kotzebue Noatak Noorvik St. Marys


Durasoil applied at Bethel; 2010

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“Practise” spraying (with water) at Ambler; 2010

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Airports can cause dust releases too !!



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Successful application of EK-35: Numam Iqua Airport – 2007

(just one of 48 airports treated with palliatives since 2000)


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Clark Milne, PE (907) 451-5285 Alaska DOT & PF – Northern Region clark.milne@alaska.gov


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