Methods to Maximize Budgets & Minimize Maintenance on Unpaved Roads

Chad Falkenberg, Chairman & CEO; Michael Milovanovic, Public Sector Key Account Mgr
Western Region County Engineers Symposium

Methods to

MaximizeBudgets& Minimize Maintenance on Unpaved Roads


Presented by

Chad Falkenberg - Chairman & CEO

Michael Milovanovic - Public Sector Key Account Mgr.


Exclusively Prepared for the

Western Region County Engineers Symposium



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  • Dust Control vs. Soil Stabilization
  • Traditional Solution Examples
  • Prime Engineered Synthetic Polymers
  • Introduction to Soiltac ®
  • City of Scottsdale Success Example
  • Why Partner with Soilworks®


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 Current Challenges

  • Budgetary Constraints
    • Limited resources
  • On-Going Maintenance
    • Scheduling & availability
    • Grading & compacting
    • Aggregate importing
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Air quality
    • Road safety
  • Public Perception
    • Nuisance
    • Public funding ROI
    • Health risks


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Dust Control vs. Soil Stabilization

Dust Control

Reduce or prevent particulates from becoming airborne.

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Topically applied to create a protective “wetted” surface or a surface crust

Soil Stabilization

Increasing the load bearing strength of soils & aggregates through solidification.

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Mixed into the base or subgrade to adhere and solidify soils and aggregates


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Traditional Solution Examples 


Dust Control





Tall Oil Pitch

Petroleum Oils


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Soil Stabilization


Fly Ash




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Prime Engineered Synthetic Copolymers

  • Proprietary Formulation
    • Repeatable/consistent results
    • Lab to field direct correlation
    • R&D sustainable innovation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Customizable Rates
    • Budget flexibility
    • Longevity

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What is Soiltac®?

Synthetic Vinyl Copolymer

Dispersion or Powder

Unique Advantages

  • Dries transparent, flexible & odorless
  • Ecologically and environmentally safe
  • Non- corrosive & Non-hazardous
  • PM10 & PM2.5 air quality compliant
  • Cumulative effect with maintenance
  • Non-dissipating & Non-leaching
  • Self mixes with water for diluting
  • Reduces soil permeability
  • UV resistant

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Soiltac Primary Uses

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Unpaved Roads

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Road Shoulders

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Parking Lots

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Heavy Haul Roads

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Road Base

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Road Sub-Base

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Construction Sites


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 City of Scottsdale Goals


  • Optimize Maintenance Budget
    • Unpaved Roads, Parking lots & Alleys
    • Unimproved Road Shoulders
  • Increase # of Treated Assets
  • Air Quality Compliance
  • Public Safety
  • Positive Public Perception
    • Environmental Solutions
    • Public Funds Benefiting the Public
    • Aesthetics
  • ROI & Savings

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City of Scottsdale Success

  • Utilized MCDOT Contract Serial 08132-C
  • Indentified Assets in Need of Maintenance
  • Developed an Annual Budget Program
  • Designed Maintenance Cycle Program
  • Created Public Informational Packets
  • Customized Application Rates through In-House Geo-Lab Testing
  • Implemented 3rd Party QC Product Testing
  • Minimized Road Closures & Delays
  • Improved Treatment Efficiency (miles/day)
  • Reduced &/or Eliminated Road Grading


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City Of Scottsdale Savings Example

  • 35% Reduction in 2010 Annual Maintenance Budget
  • 35% Increase in Opportunity to Treat Additional Assets
  • Savings over Traditional Methods:

Example –Via Donna Road (per mile)

$145,000 Asphalt Pavement

$ 10,000 Soiltac Treatment

$135,000 Savings (93% savings)

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 Why Partner with Soilworks®?

Our Brand Promise: “Soilworks® combines your business goals with our knowledge, state of the art soil technology and environmental best practices to meet your objectives.”

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  • Provides Best Return on Investment
  • Formulated “Prime” Products
    • Verifiable & Repeatable Performance
  • Scalable Large Volume Production
  • Chandler, AZ Based HQ & Production
  • Innovation through R&D
    • In-House Geotechnical Lab
  • Dept. of Defense Approved
  • Product Quality Guarantee
  • Turn Key Application Services


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Soil Stabilization & Dust Control

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