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Pima County DEQ Dust Palliative Resource List (TPD1102021)

Pima County Department of Environmental Quality

33 North Stone Ave., Suite 700

Tucson, AZ 85701

(520) 724-7400

Got Dust? Keep it Down!

Dust Palliative Resource List

Updated February 2011

This list is a partial compilation of resources available for dust suppressant products and services, and was drawn from sources generally available to the public. PDEQ does not promote or endorse any one service provider or product over another, whether listed or not. For more resources or more detailed information, search “dust suppressant” or “dust palliative” on the internet. Note: red type indicates Arizona locality.


Contact Info

Product Type


Advantage Dust Control

Gilbert, AZ, 800-345-8373,


Soybean oil

The Amber Group

Irvine, CA (866) 762-4060 x1

Liquid copolymer emulsion, soybean oil custom blends, glycerin custom blends,

wetting agents, resins

Construction sites, parking lots, unpaved and haul roads, agricultural land,

vineyards, horse arenas,

American Colloid Company

Arlington Heights, IL, 800-426-5564

Bentonites, leonardites,

humic acid products

Agriculture, horticulture,


American Refining Group, Inc.



Resin emulsion


Arizona Hydroseed, LLC

Tucson, AZ, 520-544-0008

Hydroseeding, erosion control matting and blankets

Roads, construction sites,

stockpiles, vacant land, mines, airports

Aztec Environmental Services, LLC (Dust-Zero)

Gilbert, AZ, 480-560-4697

Tucson, AZ, 520-747-4564


Construction sites, dirt

parking lots, vacant land, mining roads, alleyways

D&D Emulsions, Inc

Mansfield, OH, 419-522-9440

Petroleum resin


Desert Mountain Corporation

Kirkland, NM, 800-375-9264

Chlorides, lignosulfates,

acrylic polymer


Dust Control Technology

Peoria, IL 800-707-2204

Water distribution systems

Demolition, construction


Dirt Glue Enterprises

Amesbury, MA, 888-606-6108

Polymer emulsion

Roads, riding arenas, storage piles, construction



Paradise, PA, 888-387-8545

Soybean oil

Roads, lots, construction

sites, stockpiles, driveways

Earthcare Consultants, LLC

AZ, 520-792-4007, 888-792-4001

Polymer emulsion, synthetic, organic fluid

Roads, parking lots, stockpiles, horse arenas,

construction sites

EMI International

Pensacola, FL, 877-438-4111

Blasting, agriculture, horse

arenas, golf courses

Energy Systems Associates, Inc

Fairfax, VA, 703-503-5488

www.sandstill net

Cohesive resin emulsion

Construction sites, roads,



Portland, OR, 800-536-2650

Emulsified paraffinic resin

Roads, mining, agriculture

Environmental Dust Control, Inc

Currie, MN, 507-763-3481

By-product of vegetable oil refining process

Roads, driveways, mining,

parking lots, construction sites, race tracks

Environmental Products and Applications, Inc

Palm Desert, CA, 888-674-9174

Resin, acrylic copolymer

Roads, construction sites,

mines, parking lots, BMX tracks


Contact Info

Product Type


Environmental Stabilization Solutions


Glendale, AZ, 877-520-6767

Tall oil pitch, emulsions from natural resins

Roads, stockpiles, parking lots, landfills, construction

sites, mines, agriculture


Austin, TX, 800-687-2019

Petroleum resin emulsion

Roads, mines

Fluid Tech, Inc

Las Vegas, NV, 702-871-1884

Water soluble

Construction sites,

materials transport

Forever Green

Tucson, AZ 622-0241


Graded areas, septic tanks, leaching fields, uphill


Geochem, Inc


Acrylic resin polymer

Roads, construction sites,

stockpiles, arenas, mines


Tucson, AZ, 520-299-3998

www.geosupply net

Fabrics, cloths, mats,

blankets, silt fencing

Parking lot liners, fire

lanes, construction sites

Golden Bear Oil Specialties

Chandler, AZ, 800-253-5333

Petroleum resin emulsion

Dirt roads, tailing ponds,

slope stabilization

Golden West Industries

800-845-5060 http://goldenwest-

Roads, mining


Havana, IL, 800-452-7017

Water distribution systems

Construction sites, horse

arena, agriculture

Midwest Industrial Supply,


Phoenix, AZ, 800-321-0699

Polymer-emulsion blend

Resin-modified emulsion

Roads, stockpiles, horse

arena, trails


Atlanta, GA, 800-849-5685 box 602

Foamable, water-based


Materials transportation


Prince Manufacturing Company



Dirt roads, parking lots

Road Maintenance Products, Inc.


Polymer-H20 emulsion

Petroleum resin Wetting agent emulsion

Stockpiles, mines, arenas,

construction, agriculture, lots, roads

Scotwood Industries

Overland Park, KS, 800-844-2022

Magnesium chloride blend

Dirt roads, parking lots

Soil Stabilization Products

Company Inc.

Merced, CA, 800-523-9992


Driveways, lots, roads,



Las Vegas, NV, 702-873-2023

Magnesium chloride

Roads, lots, vacant land,


Soilworks, LLC

Scottsdale, AZ, 800-545-5420

Polymer-based emulsion

Roads, construction, BMX,

driveways, stockpiles, lots,

SPEC International

Tucson, AZ, 520-825-3717

Complex copolymer, native landscaping, straw blankets, mulching, erosion matting,

hydro seeding

Light powdery dust areas, sports fields, golf courses, playgrounds, airports,

residential yards

Syntech Products

Toledo, OH, 800-537-0288


Mining, landfills,

construction, roads

Telfer Oil Company

San Diego, CA, 800-227-7810

Petroleum resin Magnesium chloride



Merrillville, IN, 800-237-9552

Polyvinyl Alcohol


Aviation fields, agriculture,

construction, mining ops

Trackout Control, LLC

Tempe, AZ, 800-761-0056


Dust and debris trackout control devices

Construction sites, undeveloped land

VSS Emultech

West Sacramento, CA, 800-748-6551


Asphalt emulsion

Granular pavements

Zinkan Enterprises, Inc.

Twinsburg, OH 800-229-6801

Paraffin Resin, non water soluble lignin, chlorides,

polymer/latex emulsion

Roads, construction sites, mines, stockpiles, tailing

ponds, arenas

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Dust Palliative Selection and Application Guide:

More Info on Pima County dust control rules, regulations, sources, control methods, health effects of airborne dust:

Pima County Board of Supervisors

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District 3………………………………. Sharon Bronson

District 4……………………………………. Ray Carroll

District 5, Chair…………………………. Richard Elías

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