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Soilworks products are the industry’s top standard due to our insistence on creating high performance soil stabilization and dust control products that stand up to rigorous testing – both in the lab and in the field. Our commitment to quality and performance has led to our involvement and testing in hundreds of real-world situations. The following library of reports, presentations, specifications, approvals and other similar documents provide you, our customer, the transparency and dependable assurance that is expected from Soilworks.

Dust Control Specifications Intro (TPD1111028)

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Method Specifications:
• Describes Acceptable Materials
• Prescribes Application Method
• Prescribes Application Rate
• Performance is Agency’ s Responsibilit

Performance Specifications:
• Prescribes Required Performance
• Requires Performance Metrics
• Performance is Vendor’ s Responsibility

Proprietary Specifications:
• Prescribes a Specific Proprietary Product
• Based On Historical Performance or Case Studies
• Performance is Agency’ s Responsibility

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Material Requirements:
• Percent Solids/Active Ingredient
• No Premature Separation of Emulsions
• Dilution Rate
• Shelf Life Restrictions
• Environmental Compliance
• pH
• Corrosiveness
• Volatile/Semi-Volatile Organic Compound Testing
• Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure
• Aquatic Toxicity

Construction Requirements:
• Delivery Methods
• Application Methods
• Distributor Requirements
• Mixing Requirements
• Weather Restrictions

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Performance Requirements:
• Monitor Air Quality
• Compare to EPA/Other Air Quality Standards
• Monitor Leachate
• Period of Effectiveness {Ex. 2 months)
• How to Measure Dust Generation

Other Considerations:
• Pay Methods
• Percent Solids Before Dilution
• Penalty for Violation of Air Quality
• Penalty for Excessive Leachate
• Penalty for Excessive Road Deterioration

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