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Applied Technical Services – Chemical Test Report – Durasoil (TPD1202039)



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Ref. Cl 78540 Rev l *              Date February 21, 2012                        Page 1  of 1

Attention:  Fabio  Neto                                                     Materials Specification: NIA

Customer: Soilworks, LLC                                             Test Method: ASTM E1252 – 98(2007) 1750 E. Northrop Blvd., Suite 250                                          Standard Practice for

Chandler, AZ                                                                           General Techniques for

Obtaining Inji·ared Spectra for Qualitative Analysis

P.O.#          HI0482

Lab Comment: tested to determine if sample

Sample:      Durasoil Liquid                                                                         is consistent with paraffin.

Test ResuIts






FTlR analysis of the samples revealed it has a similar spectra to a known mineral oil.

Conclusion: The samples was determined to be consistent with mineral oil also known as liquid paraffin.


*Revision made to remove spectra per client request.


Prepared by: M. M.Amick Chemist Technician

Approved by: J. Burmeister Chemist


This report may not be reproduced except in full without the written approval of ATS, This report represents interpretation of the results obtained from the test specimen and is not to be construed as a guarantee or warranty of the condition ofthe entire material ]oL If the method used is a customer provided, non­ standard test method, ATS docs not assume responsibility for validation of the method. Measurement unce1tainty available upon request whc:re applicable.


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