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Soilworks products are the industry’s top standard due to our insistence on creating high performance soil stabilization and dust control products that stand up to rigorous testing – both in the lab and in the field. Our commitment to quality and performance has led to our involvement and testing in hundreds of real-world situations. The following library of reports, presentations, specifications, approvals and other similar documents provide you, our customer, the transparency and dependable assurance that is expected from Soilworks.

Gov’t AB Dust Abatement Spec (TPD1203009)

Government of Alberta


Geotechnical and Material Section

March 15, 2012


Any product that meets the requirements of Alberta Transportation Highway Maintenance Specifications, Specification 53.31 Supply and Apply Dust Abatement qualifies under this section.

Note: Considerations to the proximity of Bridge Structures when applying these Products.


Proven Products

• Calcium Chloride (Flake)

• Emulsified Dust Suppressant

– must meet the requirements of ASPH-11

– (Ambertec, McAsphalt, Pounder, Recycle West, Western Oil Processors)

– EDS-1

– EDS-2

• Lignosulphonate

• Liquid Calcium Chloride (brine)*


* For conversion purposes the following will be used:

1 flake equivalent tonne = 1632 litres concentrate @ 35%

1 flake equivalent tonne = 1944 litres concentrate @ 30%

1 flake equivalent tonne = 2389 litres concentrate @ 25%


Trial Products



Potential Products



Proven Products



Trial Products

DC-40 (QX-Enviro Products)

CBR PLUS (Expiry Date:  March 2013)

Milligan Bio-Tech (Expiry Date:  Nov 2013)


Potential Products

MG 30 (Expiry Date:  June 2012)

Penstar S.B. – 90 (Expiry Date:  June 2012)

Durablend (Expiry Date: Sept 2012)

RoadSaver (Expiry Date:  Sept 2012)

Durasoil® (Expiry Date:  Feb 2013)

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