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Carillon St Barnabas Episcopal Church Volume 15 No 8 – Solar Field News (TPD1208034)


St Barnabas Episcopal Church

Our Mission: To Share the Love of Christ / Compartir el amor Cristo

Borrego Springs, California                          August 2012                              Volume 15, No.8


Our Church at Work Together!

“The Episcopal Church is healthy, it’s becoming healthier, and it is poised for an even more significant im- pact on the world around us. There is no stopping us.

Watch out world. We’re coming!”

These were some of the words from our Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori and the outgoing President of the House of Deputies Bonnie Anderson at a news conference at the close of General Convention on July 12th. Every three years the Episcopal Church gathers its legislative body in General Convention. Lyle and I

were blessed with the opportunity to attend three years ago in Anaheim, CA, and we came away feeling so uplifted and proud of how our church, with all of its diversity and wide range of opinions, engages with mutual respect and listens together for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


The Convention operates as a democracy. Similar to our US Congress, it is bicameral with the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies, made up of lay and clergy deputies from each diocese. This year they discussed nearly 400 resolutions on topics ranging from the restructuring of the Church to rites for the blessing of same-gender unions, to “Open Communion”, to our budget allocated according to the “Five Marks of Mission.”


In a time when our culture seems to be circling the wagons, sealing up our borders, and legislating against women, immigrants, gays, and keeping us on “alert” in fear of the “other,” our Church courageously steps out in witness to the truth of God’s love for all people. It is not an easy stance, for even among us Episcopalians there are many differing views, and our culture and media are quick to ridicule. But our Church has a passion for serving others and for social justice, and I am proud to be a member with you of this Body of Christ ever seeking to be faithful.

Here is a small sampling of the actions of Convention:


  • Our Bishop Jim Mathes was elected the President of Province VIII (of the nine Episcopal provinces) that

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includes 16 dioceses in Alaska, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Taiwan. Congratulations Bishop Jim!

  • A task force will be set up to gather ideas for possible reform of the Church’s structures, governance and administration.
  • Convention authorized provisional use of a rite for blessing same-gender unions; and added provisions in the canons to prevent discrimination against an individual based upon gender expression or identity in the ordi- nation discernment process, and guarantees the equal place in the life, wor- ship and governance of the Church. In fearless love our Church steps out to include and embrace all of God’s children!
    • Convention committed to focusing our hearts and mission on reducing poverty and increasing economic and social justice. It calls for every meet- ing to include time for prayer and reflection “on how our work engages issues of poverty and economic and racial justice networks.”

For a full rundown of the actions taken by Convention, you can find it on the web at: episcopaldigitalnetwork.com under “Convention wrap-up.”




Our Deputies to Convention


Lyle and I will be leaving for vacation on August 9th and returning on September 11th. Our travel plans include visiting our daughter in LA, and our daughter in Boulder, Colorado (with some time hiking in the Rockies) and a Caribbean cruise! Please know that we will be praying for you and missing you while we are away.

Blessings, Laura+




At its July meeting, after approving the Minutes of the last meeting and the Finance Report, the Vestry heard Brad Tidwell’s feedback on the opportunity for St. Barnabas to host a Sundowner. The February event is available, the evening of the 15th, and we agreed it would be fun and a good opportunity to introduce new people to our church. We tentatively agreed on a Valentine theme, potluck hors d’ouevres and some type of entertainment. Stay tuned!

Cathy Gay brought up the fact that the next class in Safeguarding God’s Children, discussed last month and required for clergy, church employees and volunteers who work with children and visit homes to ensure the preven- tion of harassment and bias, conflicts with Borrego Days. Laura+ assured us they are offered regularly and we’ll keep the congregation informed of the next opportunity.

Tracey Alexander reported on another successful youth golf event at De Anza, and expressed his apprecia- tion to Martha Mitchell and the many volunteers. Two more are planned in August.

Don’t forget to send your photo to Cathy for the new Parish Directory, or contact Trent Kleinkopf and ar- range for him to photograph you.

Tracey led off the Committee Reports by an- nouncing that the Buildings and Grounds Committee has arranged for a roofer to recoat the bell tower, mold to be removed from the walls and the interior of the Parish Room and kitchen to be painted. Haddon Salt has donated a new TV for the Parish Room. Thanks, Haddon!

Since Sue Salt wasn’t here to present the Commu- nity Outreach Committee report, we decided to spend some of her money. Thanks, Sue! The Vestry approved reimbursement up to $300 to Kaye Bailey for lunches dur- ing the month of August at the Ocotillo Wells Learning Center. Kay is teaching there five days a week and has been providing lunches, with some donations but primarily out of her own pocket.

Wendy Quinn will be out of town for the month of August, so we really need folks to volunteer as hosts and hostesses for Holy Happy Hour so we can make our visit- ing priests feel welcome. Wendy agreed to stock some extra frozen food and drinks for our use.

Martha suggested a new committee, tentatively called Parish Needs, for assistance solely to members of our St. Barnabas family. Cathy and Laura+ will help in formulating guidelines and procedures.

The Vestry will be “dark” in August, so until our September report we wish all of you a happy, relaxing and cool month.


Wendy Quinn



Picture Placeholder


How many of you knew that AnnMarie and

Brad first met in junior high school? Having both grown up in San Diego, they nevertheless lost touch after that, married others and were reunited after divorce by their children, whom Brad coached in baseball. It was meant to be. Thirty years later they are

still happily married, devoted to each other and to their three sons (Brad’s two and AnnMarie’s one, now “theirs”). They are the proud grandparents of three.

As most of us know, Brad excels in masonry and has done a number of projects for the church. It is a lifelong calling. He began working as a mason in high school and went on to earn a degree in Industrial

Arts. AnnMarie studied dental assisting in col- lege, but after working for a Navy surgeon found her true niche and became a Practical Nurse (known as a Home Health Care Nurse in Califor- nia), a career in which she continues today and is beloved by many local patients.

The Tidwells came to St. Barnabas during the tenure of Alex and Nancy Nagy, with encour- agement from Cathy Gay. Growing up, Brad at- tended the Baptist Church and AnnMarie joined the Disciples of Christ at age 11. After a time at


our local Methodist Church, they found their spiri- tual home at St. Barnabas. Lucky for us! In a relatively short time they have both become in- valuable members. AnnMarie lends her beautiful singing voice in the choir and as a soloist, serves as a Lector and frequently hosts Holy Happy Hour.

Brad, a member of the Vestry, not only volunteers as a Chalice Bearer and Greeter, but is always there to offer help as needed in furni- ture  moving, Food Bank deliv- eries and numer- ous maintenance projects for the Memorial Garden or anywhere else.

AnnMarie and Brad came to Borrego Springs

22 years ago at Brad’s suggestion to get out of the big city.  In their spare time (?) they enjoy four-wheeling, par- ticularly in Big Bear and Lone Pine. Like many of us, their favorite things about the St. Barnabas family are the welcoming attitude and open com- munication; but who wouldn’t be welcoming and open with these valued parishioners? It’s easy!


Wendy Quinn




Within the Veil



Oh Lord my God,

My Holy Lord of Glory.

This day I seek to come within the veil.

The way has been prepared by the Holy Son of God, His Blood upon the throne.


So boldly, boldly to the throne room we will journey, By the blood of God’s own Son.

Oh Lord my God, my Holy Lord of Glory, This day I stand with thee within the veil.


Walter Teller


August’s Visiting Clergy



Well, it’s August again and the heat is with us to stay. We’ve been over 105 degrees pretty con- sistently now for weeks. The humidity has made this a bit more uncomfortable than usual but we continue to hang in there. Fortunately, most of us get a chance to get away this time of year. Laura+ will be leaving on August 9th and returning on September 11th for a much needed and deserved vacation to a much cooler location. While she is away we have 2 wonderful priests coming to fill in for her, Rev. George Keith on Aug. 12, Sept. 2nd & Sept. 9th, and Rev. Al Smith on Aug. 19th and Aug. 26th.


Rev. Keith was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. He taught in the public schools of Texas for 16 years. He lived in Manhattan for many years where he was ordained to the priesthood.

While in New York Rev. Keith filled his time as a playwright, actor and director. He had the privi- lege of serving as Vicar of St. George in New York City which was founded in 1749. Rev. Keith served on the Board of Directors of the Coalition for the homeless in NYC. This is the largest or- ganization for the support of the homeless in the

U.S. Recently Rev. Keith served as Rector of St. John’s church and school in Chula Vista California until his retirement in 2009. He and his wife Joan do a lot of traveling. They have one son and two teenage grandchildren.


Rev. Smith was first introduced to St. Barnabas in the fall of 1991 while on sabbatical. The result of this time away from St. Columba’s Parish,


Camarillo (Ventura) was a Forward Movement booklet entitled “A Call to Excellence”, which was a study of 8 Episcopal churches in the Dioceses of Olympia, Oregon, California and San Diego. One of the two in San Diego happened to be St.

Barnabas. He spent about five days interviewing parishioners in order to find out why they were members of our desert church and what this parish community offers.


In retirement, Rev. Smith reads the LA Times for the KPBS Radio Reading Service on a regular schedule (this is a service especially for the visu- ally handicapped in the area). He volunteers at the St. Bartholomew’s Thrift Shop, Poway, he gardens often, and spends time with his grandchildren. He and his wife serve as the Bishop’s Chaplain to Re- tired Clergy/Spouses and Partners/Surviving Spouses in the San Diego Diocese.


Following College and seminary Rev. Smith went to Alaska as a missionary to the native peo- ples in the north. He met his wife in Alaska and their daughter was born in Fairbanks. He served at St. Francis, Palos Verdes Estates, St. Timothy’s, Apple Valley and St. Columba’s, Camarillo. Rev. Smith is in the process of writing his story.


Both Al+ and George+ look forward to their time here with us. We are blessed to have them both with us again this summer Thanks be to God!

Trent C. Kleinkopf



Weekly Prayer List

Our Men and Women in Uniform, Luke Vesci, Cpl Daniel Peterson, Mark Remy, Sr. MSgt Allen Tidwell, Myra Lewis, Bea Miller, Kathy Holst, Paul Terregorsa, Ferrell Manning, Sheila McClelland, Tracey Alexan- der, Tootie Hatch, Nick & Cheryl Criss, Ron & Ann Shepherd, John Erickson, Richard & Nancy Bye, Tony Ward, Kurt Levins, James Carroll, Robert Heylman, Dan French, Peggy Brown, Callie Welch, Jean Smith, Richard & Ann White, Barbara Scott, Sheila Graham, Don Wetzel, Rosemary McDaniel.


If you would like to add a name to the weekly prayer list or the private, confidential prayer list please con- tact Sonja McGrath @ 767-767-1250 or e-mail @ sonjamcgrath@att.net.


Sunbird’s Corner



The weather: We had weeks of hot, dry, crystal clear days and nights. Then of course a low grey haze sank over us—even produced a few rain drops. But only for a few days. Then we were back to bright blue skies with towering cumulus nimbus seeming to reach right up to shake God’s hand. Gorgeous. And so it goes. We’ll see what August brings. Too bad our SnowBirds have to miss it. The funny thing is (well not really) the rest of the country has had hot weather and not really as nice as ours!


Snakes:  Ah yes!  We’ve got ‘em!  I looked out my sliding glass door to the side patio (we call it “The Dance Floor”) and there, just casually scootching across to the woodpile was a Sonoran Gopher snake—at least six feet long. I’m certainly no expert, but it looked just like the one I saw scootching across the road to the Borrego Sun of- fice last week. Same color (not much) and at least six feet long. And my field guide seems to agree. Just outside the front door a few weeks ago my yard man captured a side winder and took it away. But a few days later Tracey (working on our irri- gation system) called me out to the garage to show me a large, coiled sidewinder. “We’ll get him,” says he.  Oh NO!  We had a few words and I called the fire department who arrived in no time and took him (her?) away.  They (fire guys) love it. In the back of the market (near the milk) a man who works there found a tiny western shovel- nosed snake. It looked like a little bracelet. Bright red with black and yellow stripes.


Big news in town is the 204-acre solar field being erected here. You must know more about it than I do. If not, you will. It promises no more brown- outs here which is certainly good news. As they build it the grading creates annoying dust—clouds of it. They are watering—Lyle?!—and using a chemical called Gorilla-Snot®. (Hey!, I’m quoting from an article in the San Diego U-T.)


My dinner chat for this month. Are you getting tired of this? First go to Borrego Outfitters and buy a jar of “Ginger-Wasabi Sauce”. Then go to the Center Market where our butcher Jorge is bringing in fresh salmon every Friday. Buy a piece.  Brush both sides with olive oil, put it on foil on a cookie sheet and broil in a pre-heated broiler for just 5 minutes. Serve hot, cold or warm with Ben’s sauce. Trust me—deelicious. Healthy, too.

You know that we have lost our beloved matri- archs this summer. Neither can ever be replaced, but the Sunbirds and Snowbirds will keep Elsa and Betty forever in our hearts and “whistle a happy tune” when we think of them. That will be often.


Nancy Bye






ANNMARIE TIDWELL has mesmerized the congregation with her dramatic and heartfelt read- ings of the liturgy. Also, on Sunday June 24th she sang a solo of Jesus Lover of my Soul and received an ovation! Bravo. More……


JONATHAN MITTLEMAN drove down from Julian in his truck early the Friday morning before our brunch (Feast of St.

Barnabas) to help Brad Tidwell move chairs and tables from De Anza over to our courtyard. He then drove back to Julian and worked an 8-hour shift. Yes, he’s my son. And an angel!



DER have wowed the town with their successful “Golf for Kids” program. The third and fourth tournaments are in August. Stay tuned for a complete wrap-up in the next issue. You can help!


GEORGE KEITH. I told this visiting priest a few years ago that I was a cradle Episcopalian but had never been so aware of our language until I heard him. Don’t miss him—he will take your breath away. “Lift up your hearts!”


August 2012                                                                                         Carillon                                                                                                                page 5


2nd Annual Borrego Youth Golf Event

I love this town!! Up at 4 a.m. to the alarm clock, I walked out onto my back patio and looking east saw the brightly shining Venus, accompanied by a waning crescent moon, highlighted by its surrounding orb, with a dark star studded sky above. The air was hot and steamy and the desert floor was somewhat damp. After my regular breakfast and daily scripture reading, I continued planning, packing and wondering how the day would unfold.

Having purchased a nearly-new golf shirt at the Angel View Thrift in Palm Desert on Friday, at least I looked the part. Then with my cooler loaded with plenty of cold water, vegan hot dogs, fresh socks and towels, notebook and pen for interviewing the volun- teers and golfing participants, I headed north. My first stop was to say good morning to Borrego elementary recently elected classified employee of the year Betty on her morning walk with her daughter-in-law in tow. Then turning west at Borrego Springs Resort, I spied a coyote eating what appeared to be some leftover candy bar still clinging to its wrapper, while two others patiently watched.

Memories of my parent’s love for the game of golf whirled in my head. Their years of involvement in different men’s and women’s groups in the 60’s and 70’s, tournaments at the then Hemet/San Jacinto Gil- man Hot Springs Resort, their golfing trips with friends to Warner Hot Springs and Torrey Pines, and now my own son Dan’s passion for golf, with his first hole-in- one just months ago at the Rancho California course.

Looking out towards Indian Head the mountain was quickly turning from a soft pinkish-gray with shad- ows in the canyon to a sunnier dark gray, exposing massive reddish-brown rocks and boulders.

As I snaked my way through the middle of this sprawling tree lined course, grounds keepers were at- tending to the courses recently mowed greens and fair- ways. I hoped to get a glimpse of the elusive big horn sheep that often graze here, but no luck today.

A few cars were in the parking lot when I pulled in at 6:25 a.m. and unloaded my things. The first volunteers I spotted were Martha Mitchell and Marilyn Regalado, already busy setting up for a day of golf with the kids. After Friday’s reluctant rain showers the sun was eager to quickly dry-up whatever moisture that clung to this beautiful private 18 hole, par 72, regulation course.

George Bernard Shaw obviously didn’t have the pleasure in his lifetime of spending the day with kids and volunteers when he made that now famous quote, “Youth is wasted on the young.”

With giant ice coolers filled with bottled water, cans of soda and wet towels to cool the heated golfers, I began replacing the quickly melting ice and setting out condiments, chips, plates and napkins for the day’s lunches.

Inspired by children playing in the desert with golf clubs and balls, Tracey Alexander thought, why not provide an event where all kids could come to- gether and utilize these amazing golf courses this val- ley has to offer. With this mind set, he began to put his dream in action. Gathering together local business- men and community leaders he pushed hard and spent countless hours to establish what is now the ‘happening summer event for the youth of Borrego Springs and beyond.’

The first golfers to arrive were 9 year old Chris Wardrup and his dad Chris, a golf coach and woodshop teacher from Imperial. A serious golfer, Chris immedi- ately started practicing his putting warm-ups. Volun- teer Emmy Lou Brandt manned the sign-in table, and soon afterward Tracey arrived with his van loaded with golfing accessories for the participant prizes, hot dogs, buns, certificates, an ice chest filled with ice cream bars, a canopy borrowed from the Chamber and the volunteers were off again running to arrange the tables to accommodate this awesome event.

Wanting to see what was going to take place this special day, Martha offered to show me the course via golf cart. We began at the 9th hole where everyone attending would start, from 20 to 3 years old. Special paint and a flag would ‘mark the spot’ on the fairway where players would ‘hole it out.’ This was the area where the 10 to 3 year olds would practice their newly learned skills, and the 11 to 20 year olds would con- tinue on until they ended at the 18th hole and club- house.

Pulling up we were greeted by volunteers. Jer- emy Collins, a weekly golfer and donator of clubs, was busy laying out all different sizes of woods, irons and putters along the practice putting green. Jay Hazelrigg and wife Elaine, tennis player turned golfer (so she wouldn’t miss out on their vacations together) along with Fred Jee were busy with golf carts and setting up the canopy.

Participants included Nicolas Perez, 14, Eloisa Rodriguez, 15, John Pavlovich, 10 and his grand- mother, Mark Kitten, 13, and dad Mark from Lakeside, Sammy Waltman, 14 from Santee, Martin Barron, 14, Hannah Mills, 9, Bethany Mills, 7, Samuel Mills, 3 and their parents from Salton City, Emma Walbourne, 9, and Caleb Moore from Salton City, Jeremiah Simpson, 14, Jayton Chapman, 9, Cydnee Chapman, 11, and their aunt Chastyn Rauh, 17 and grandmother and mother, from Ranchita, and Marla Manzano, 8. (Continued pg 7)


For the new golfers, Martha picked-out the appropriate clubs, gave instructions to those new golf- ers and rules of etiquette, and the golf carts with vol- unteer drivers waited patiently to begin. Luckily I got to escort Chastyn Rauh, a 17 year old Borrego High senior from Ranchita, along with Sammy, Mark and Mark’s dad, for the next 3 ½ hours and 9 holes. Al- though this was Chastyn’s first time golfing, she was eager to play and not easily discouraged. The more she hit that ball, the better she got. I found myself rooting loudly for her successes, and hoping she would outshine the boys, encouraging her to ‘get mad at the ball.’ Signs of the sponsors were staked along the course, and a covey of quail followed us along the rough while insects sang loudly from the huge pine and eucalyptus trees. I soon nicknamed forgetful Sammy ‘the digger’, while Chastyn kindly kept replacing his divots with sand and grass, and Mark became ‘the driver’.

Dad Mark and I encouraged the three begin- ners, praised their great shots and attempts, and a few times settled their teenage teasing. All-in-all, they were great kids.

When we returned to the clubhouse around 12:30 people were already enjoying their lunches in the cool dining room for funny stories of golf and their great putts and long drives.


With the prize table loaded, Tracey started to announce the ‘Best Ball’ winners for the day. 1st Places went to Sammy Walton, Mark Kitten and Chastyn Rauh, who all got a complimentary pass for 2 to the Carmel Mt. Ranch Golf Course.  2nd Places went to Chris Wardrup and Eloisa Rodriguez, who received a shirt certificate and choice of a shirt from 2 golfing catalogs. 3rd Place went to Martin Barron, John Pav- lovich and Nick Perez, with a choice of the most popu- lar items, a Ping, Titleist or Adidas golf cap. Every player also received a $15 gift certificate to Golf Mart. Then the participant names were drawn from the raffle tickets and got to select a prize from the remaining golf accessories; towels, tees, ball markers, pocket ball cleaner and the most coveted, the golfing gloves. We all laughed when Samuel, 3, the youngest, ran up and plucked the last glove off the table, which of course was too large!

The hot, muggy day ended with ice cream bars, quickly melting as the kids ate their way to a creamy sugary heaven.  Volunteers cleaned and packed up all the remaining goodies, ready for the next inspiring event scheduled for Saturday, August 4th.

Hope to see you all there!


Kaye Bailey



Women of St. Barnabas



We are dark for these hot sunny months and I hope that when we reconvene Winnibus will have a nice new president! Thank you. Meanwhile, we have sent Antoinette’s daughter Rhianna to Camp Stevens for a week in August and we look forward to a note from her telling us about it. Perhaps also a note from the Performing Arts Center telling us how they used and appreciated our $250 donation for this summer’s Youth Theater. Meanwhile, we continue to send water to Slab City in August and Septem- ber.  It is exciting to know that there are new women coming to church. Please join us. We meet the first week of the month for a pot-luck planning lunch, often with a spe- cial guest, and do nifty fundraising for our local citizens and groups.

Nancy Bye, current President

You linger in the midst of us Gay and never beyond reprise Eyes live and filled

With desire to know

How you touched our lives, In truth you counted for much And we miss your talk

And laughter

But then you return Renewed in fresh encounter Day after sun-streaked day

And on into the unending light


The Food Bank this month served 158 households for a total of 534 individuals. Our vol- unteers, with 34 this week, are too numerous to name. They gave a total of 95 hours to make this project a success.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedi- cation. You Make a Dif- ference.

The next Food Bank will be on August 20th @ 12:00pm. If you would like to be of assis- tance in this much needed project please arrive by 11:00am.

Sue Salt

August 2012                                                                         Carillon                                                                                                Page 7



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