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Kawerak Transportation Program Brochure (TPD1307129)

About the Kawerak Transportation

The Kawerak Transportation Program is funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Tribal Transportation Program (TTP).

The Tribal Transportation Program is a FHWA funded national program that seeks to address transportation needs of tribes by providing funds for planning, designing, construction and maintenance activities.

Our principal goal is to assist our communities in building a safe and healthy surface transportation infrastructure. Secondary goals include providing employment and training, and advocacy for the transportation, erosion, and flooding concerns of Region.

Tribes/Communities served by KTP:

Brevig Mission






Mary’s Igloo




St. Michael





White Mountain


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Image. Gambell Community Meeting


Program Awards

2007 Best Practices Award from the Denali Commission

2008 Planning Award from the Transportation Research Board

Program Accomplishments

Unalakleet Community Streets 2010

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Image. Before

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Image. After

Gambell Community Streets 2011

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Image. Before

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St. Michael Community Streets 2012

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Current & Future Projects

Kawerak Transportation Program Up-Coming Projects 2013

St. Michael Community Streets                               2012 – 2013

Trail Staking – Wales, Diomede, Brevig Mission           2013

Stebbins Community Streets                                   2014

Golovin Community Streets Design                           2014

Elim Community Streets Design                               2014

White Mt. Community Streets Design                        2014

Teller Community Streets Design                              2015

Wales Community Streets Design                             2015


Communities that have had projects:

  • 2001 Elim Iron Creek Culvert
  • 2004 Shishmaref Seawall
  • 2006 MOA with State of Alaska was entered to provide 9.03% match for Gambell Evacuation Road, construction completed in 2012
  • 2006 Solomon Road
  • 2006 Koyuk Community Streets
  • 2007 Tumet was created
  • Dust Control – all with Envirokleen in 2007 Durasoil® in 2010 & 2011
  • 2009 Brevig Mission Community Streets
  • 2008 Maintenance Pass Thru Policy Approved by board
  • 2008 Kawerak/Tumet created Arrigah JV with Eagle Electric for Shishmaref Revetment
  • 2008 Diomede Boardwalk
  • 2008 Stebbins-St. Michael Road Maintenance
  • 2008 Serpentine Trail Staking
  • 2009 Woolley Lagoon Maintenance
  • 2010 Unalakleet Community Streets
  • 2011 Gambell Community Streets
  • 2012 MOA with State of Alaska was entered for trail stakes between Brevig Mission & Wales
  • 2012 Teller Coyote Creek & Brevig Mission Maintenance


Please note that project years may change as Kawerak seeks to maximize their partnerships and funding on projects with the State of Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facililities (ADOT-PF), the Denali Commission, the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA) Village Safe Water (VSF) and ANTHC. We also face funding constraints and need to be flexible.


To be considered as a project for KTP:

  1. The respective project must be in the villages Long Range Transportation Plan or within Kawerak’s administrative planning component.
  2. The route must be included on the tribal inventory.
  3. The project must be included in the Tribal Transportation Program, which is approved by the Kawerak Board of Directors.
  4. Each project is scored by KTP utilizing a Scoring Matrix which is in the Kawerak Project Prioritization Policy.

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Image. Kawerak Inc.

KTP Regulations

25 CFR 170

MAP – 21

PL 93-638

23 CFR

DOTPF Standard Specifications for Highway Construction NEPA

Below is a list of Kawerak Transportaion Program staff if you may have any questions.

Program Director

Denise Michels


Project Specialist

Steffen Verdin


Inventory GIS Specialist

Ken Waterman


Village Planner-Unalakleet

Steve Ivanoff


Village Coordinator-Golovin

Toby Anungazuk-On call


Administrative Assistant

Cynthia Cabrera



Kawerak Transportation Program

Kawerak, Inc.

500 Seppala Drive

PO Box 948

Nome, Alaska 99762

Phone (907) 443-4395

Fax (907) 443-4473


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