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Stony Plain BMX Annual General Meeting Minutes (TPD1311151)

Stony Plain BMX

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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  1. Call meeting to order at 7:15 Jason Webb, Tonya Galligan, Luanne Schulz, Melissa MacLeod, Shawn Wladyka, Troy Devison, Laurie Haggart, Lisa Mohr, Clint Fitzsimmons, Sheri Webb, Jamie Holinski, April LaFreiere , David Oliver, Bonnie Kurash, Kasandra Worbeck, Chris McLeod, Kristeen Gordon, Tricia Featherstone, Leighton Westeroth, Matt VanOene, Vincent Assinger, Stu Assinger, Dylan Assinger, Zackery Worbock, Chris Schultz in attendance


  1. Additions to agenda – none


  1. Review and accept previous minutes February 21, 2013 – Jason Webb motion to accept, all in favor


  1. Treasurer’s Report -Year End Financial Reports, Year end Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet were presented motion to accept Laurie Haggart, all in favor


  1. Previous Business


  1. Thank you to Volunteers – Could not have done it without our awesome volunteers, thank you to everyone who came out to help with the track and racing this season.
    1. Track work. – This year we completed Soiltac®, put in finish line, fixed lights, installed hot water tank, put up speaker pole, installed safety bumper on fence.
    2. Stony Plain August 2013 Provincial – Provincial was a big success, everyone was happy with how things were organized, we made just under

$2700, suggested that we let town of Stony Plain know so they can promote it for us next year, possibly advertise in the paper.


  1. Elections
  2. President – Jason Webb will let his name stand, accepted by acclamation
  3. Vice President – Shawn Wldayka will let his name stand, accepted by acclamation
  4. Secretary Laurie Haggart will let her name stand, accepted by acclamation
    1. Treasurer Melissa MacLeod stepped down, Jamie Holinski stepped forward, accepted by acclamation
    2. Track Operator – Tonya Galligan will let her name stand, accepted by acclamation
    3. Assistant Track Operator – Luanne Schulz stepped down, Kasandra Worbeck stepped up, accepted by acclamation
    4. Head Commissaire – Rick Freund stepped down, Lisa Mohr stepped up, accepted by acclamation
    5. Concession Coordinator – Troy Devison stepped down, April LaFreniere stepped up, accepted by acclamation
    6. Fundraising Coordinator – Lisa Mohr stepped down, Melissa MacLeod stepped up, accepted by acclamation
    7. Webmaster – Michele Cote will let his name stand, accepted by acclamation
    8. Head Coach – Clint Fitzsimmons is stepping down, Chris Schulz stepped up, accepted by acclamation
    9. Track Maintenance – Tim Cassavant is stepping down, David Oliver stepped up, Don Eaton stepped up, David Oliver accepted as track maintenance coordinator by majority vote.
    10. Rider Representative – Luke Haggart is stepping down Tristyn Sichkaryk stepping up, accepted by acclamation.




  1. New business
    1. Alberta Summer Games – Airdrie – July 24-27 2014, Tonya will be the representative for Zone 5, There will be a qualifying race next summer more information is available from Tonya.
    2. Provincial Schedule –   Olds April 5-6 2014

Lethbridge June 21-22 2014

Cochrane July 19-20 2014

Stony Plain August 16-17 2014

Rain out weekend August 23-24 2014

Grands – Airdrie September 6-7 2014


  1. Nationals – Toronto, Ontario – details to be announced
    1. ABA Casino – January 7 & 8 West Edmonton Mall they are looking for volunteers. So far Shawn Wldayka and Laurie Haggart have volunteered from our track.
    2. Indoor Track in Olds – Olds Indoor Schedulewww.albertabmx.com/Indoor.html – A great opportunity to train in the winter, they will also be hosting first provincials, if you are going down and have extra room in your vehicle please post on Stony Plain Facebook and we can carpool some of our riders.
    3. Volunteer deposit increase – this year our volunteer deposit is going up from

$150 to $300 as we would like to increase volunteerism.

  1. Registration club fee increase – We are increasing club fee to $150 which (includes jersey) there will be a $10 discount for each additional family member also available will be a parent membership for $100 (no jersey)
  2. Corner paving – As early in the spring as weather allows we will be arranging to have corners paved, we have funds available. We will be requiring a work bee to prep for this work.
    1. Grants – Community Facility Enhancement Program and others will be applied for next yeat. Luanne Schulz will be coordinating this. This year we received the following grants:


Town of Stony Plain – $10 000 Parkland County – $2 000

  1. Silent Auction – We will be looking for donations for our next silent auction. If anyone has any contacts over the winter for donations please pursue them.



  1. Date for next AGM meeting will be November 2014


  1. Motion to adjourn meeting by Luanne Schulz

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