Alamo Solar Planning Commission Report San Bernardino CA

Chris Conner
Land Use Services Department, Planning Division, Planning Commission Staff Report

Dust Control

Water Board letter reference: Comment 4.

Water Board comment summary: The Water Board requested information on the dust suppressants that may be used and their effect on the environment.

Response: The primary environmental concern with dust palliatives is how they impact groundwater quality, freshwater aquatic environments, and plant communities. The project will not be built in the floodplain. Dust palliatives considered for use will not cause or contribute to surface or groundwater quality degradation.  Two potential dust palliatives under consideration for the project include:

Durasoil® by Soilworks, LLC. Durasoil is a mixture of synthetic hydrocarbon compounds with little or no toxicity to humans or ecological receptors (USACE, 2007. Environmental Evaluation of Dust Stabilizer Products).

Earthbind™ 100 by EnviRoad. All components of Earthbind™ are considered by the manufacturer to be.

•              Free of hazardous solvents

•              Non-flammable

•              Non-corrosive to metal

•              Non-hazardous waste

•              Not considered to be harmful to aquatic and mammal life

•              Not considered to be carcinogenic

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