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Soilworks products are the industry’s top standard due to our insistence on creating high performance soil stabilization and dust control products that stand up to rigorous testing – both in the lab and in the field. Our commitment to quality and performance has led to our involvement and testing in hundreds of real-world situations. The following library of reports, presentations, specifications, approvals and other similar documents provide you, our customer, the transparency and dependable assurance that is expected from Soilworks.

Flagstaff County Dust Suppressant Presentation (TPD1503033)

Test products that we have tested in the past are:

  • Canola Oil
  • Durasoil®
  • Earth Glue
  • Magnesium Chloride

***Flagstaff County continues testing new dust suppressant products***

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Earth Glue



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  • On average, 170,000 tonne of gravel is required annually for our programs
  • Gravel roads are re-graveled on a five (5) year cycle = 272 miles/yr.
  • 8 meter wide roads are graveled at 330 tonne per mile
  • All other road widths are graveled at 290 tonne per mile
  • Six (6) gravel trucks
  • Two (2) gravel trucks designated for spot patching

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Gravel Sales

  • Gravel is available for sale to a maximum allotment of 150 tonne per year per residential/farm/acreage site for reatepayers within the County.

Gravel Exploration

  • In an effort to secure a long-term gravel supply, we are continually seeking potential gravel sources.
  • In 2001, the County utilized high resolution airborne magnetic technology to help identify possible gravel sources. As well, landowners provide information of possible gravel sources which are also analyzed for quality and quantity.
  • As potential gravel sources are identified, a Gravel Testing Agreement is acquired prior to the commencement of exploration. Over the past 3 years, five (5) additional long-term gravel sources have been secured.

Gravel Reclamation

  • The County is responsible for reclamation at the seven gravel pits that they manage and lease.
  • Reclamation is performed in accordance with a Code of Practice prepared by a consulting firm and approved by Alberta Environment.
  • In-house equipment is utilized for the purpose of gravel exploration, pit preparation and reclamation.

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Gravel Production

  • Crushing projects are tendered to ensure a competitive price is obtained.
  • All gravel is crushed to a required specification and quality controls are completed by in-house personnel.
  • Seven gravel pits are currently leased and managed by the County.
  • Two stockpile sites are obtained by tendering for the supply, crush and stockpile of aggregates.
  • Two interim stockpile sites are utilized to increase efficiencies for the summer gravel haul programs.

Road Maintenance

  • Flagstaff County has 1,527 miles of bladedroads that are divided into:
    • 10 Summer Maintenance Areas(approx. 120 -160 miles/area)
    • 10 Winter Maintenance Areas(approx. 120 –150 miles/area)
    • Field access roads are not maintained ona regular basis in the winter.

Summer Maintenance

  • County gravel roads are maintained by 10 graders
  • On average, grader operators are able to blade approximately 18-25 miles/day
  • Gravel Roads are maintained 1 – 2 times per month, weather and maintenance factors permitting
  • Specific heavy traffic routes have an increased maintenance cycle

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Hydro Axe Program:

  • 10 years clearing trees within County right-of-way
  • Mowing program (3 mowers)
  • Skid steer-equipped with mulcher
  • Track Hoe to assist with vegetation control

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Our Grader fleet consists of:

  • 8 Caterpillar Graders

c/w Weldco Beales Wings (mastless)

  • 7 John Deere Graders

c/w Brandt Wings

  • 5Packers

4-Handy Hitch Packers & 1 follow-mewobbly

  • 9’ –4 way Dozers
  • Rippers

Winter Maintenance

  • Roadways are cleared of snow as necessary. During normal winter conditions, Maintenance Areas should be cleared of snow within 4 days, unless there is heavy snowfall and persistent winds.
  • If reduced visibility becomes a safety concern snow plowing operations will be suspended until conditions improve.
  • In each Maintenance Area, 3 routes are established. When plowing is required, the starting point is rotated between routes to ensure that an equitable level of service is provided.
  • Regular work hours are 8-12 hours per day.
  • Spare graders may be utilized to help during winter storms.
  • Two plow trucks are designated to remove snow and apply sand/salt to oil and paved surface roads. Two graders are allocated for snow and ice removal on Calcium Chloride Roads.

Private Laneway Maintenance

  • The service of snowplowing and grading is available for residential laneways.
  • The landowner is required to sign a Private Laneway Service Agreement.
  • County staff is required to conduct an Occupational Health & Safety Inspection/Hazard Assessment prior to any work being completed. This process must be completed on an annual basis.
  • Services to the Public will be conducted after all scheduled road maintenance is completed on gravel, oil and paved surface roads.
  • A fee of $65/half hour (half hour minimum charge) or$130/hour will be charged for this service.


  • One (1) full-time employee and one (1) seasonal employee dedicated to sign maintenance

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  • This process increases the level of safety by increasing sight lines and the contouring of ditches and back slopes.
  • Brushing and mulching provides landowners an opportunity to control brush growth adjacent to road allowances.
  • This service is provided to landowners upon request and as equipment and resources become available as the same resources are utilized in the gravel production and reclamation programs.

Culvert Maintenance

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  • Culvert maintenance includes culvert replacement, cleaning, thawing, repairs to damaged ends and the addition of extensions.
  • All culverts are replaced and diameters are increased where required to improve water flow.
  • New culverts are installed under new construction projects and may be replaced on road recovery projects.
  • New culvert and couplers are available for sale to landowners for the use under approaches on road allowances or to local municipalities. Used culvert is also available for sale at half the purchase price; sizes will vary depending upon availability.
  • The same crew is utilized for culverts, Bridges and Pit Preparations.


Bridge Maintenance & Repair

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  • Bridge maintenance includes deck sweeping, vegetation control, beaver dam removal, replacement of bridge decking, guardrails and hazard markers.
  • This maintenance preserves the capital asset and contributes to safe crossings.
  • The 85 bridges within the County are inspected and analyzed on a five year cycle for major deficiencies and a three year bridge plan is established for major repairs and replacement.

Bridge File # 1696

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Flagstaff Regional Airport

  • The Public Works Department provides administration and maintenance services for the Flagstaff Regional Airport.



  • A budget of $2,500,000 per year is allocated for the Road Construction Program.
  • This includes contracted services, engineering, gravel, culverts, soil sampling, power line relocates, crop damage, land acquisitions, fencing, erosion control, environmental requirements and rock picking.


2014 Road Construction Projects

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Construction Project C-C-2014 (Twp Rd 444, between Rge Rd 102-104)

There was a soft spot in the road and Geo Cloth was put down

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Coco Matting

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Weed Control & Soil Conservation

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With the assistance of our Agricultural Department:

  • One half of our municipal roadsides are treated annually with herbicide to control the spread of weeds.
  • Our Gravel Pits & Stockpile sites are sprayed during the reclamation process or whenever there is an issue.
  • All municipal right-of-ways are mowed twice a year.
  • Right-of-ways are seeded to a grass mixture following construction.
  • Clubroot is a growing concern for Flagstaff County landowners. To date there are 31 quarters that have positive samples identified.


Rural Road Study

  • In 2013, Council approved as a New Initiative Project to conduct a Public Works Program and Services Review.
  • Genivar Inc. was contracted to complete the review and the following items were identified as focus areas for the review:
    • Arterial Road Network
    • Long Term Road Construction Plan
    • Analyze the Process of Road Recovery

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Flagstaff County Arterial & Collector Roads

  • The following principles of the Rural RoadStudy:
    • To provide a road network with arterial, collector, and local roads as defined in the Rural Road Study.
    • The arterial road network will be ban free utilizing dust suppressant products.
    • The arterial road network will consist of 147 miles.
    • The surface type on the arterial road network will be MG 30 and calcium chloride.

Flagstaff County Public Works Department

Staff Directory

Phone: (780) 384-4110

Fax: (780) 384-3635


Darrell Szott

Public Works Superintendent

Email: dszott@flagstaff.ab.ca


Gary Longhe

Public Works Field Coordinator-Road Recovery

Email: glonghe@flagstaff.ab.ca


Randy Brodie

Public Works Field Coordinator-Road Maintenance

Email: rbrodie@flagstaff.ab.ca


John Guhle

Public Works Field Coordinator-Gravel

Email: jguhle@flagstaff.ab.ca


Kevin Kinzer

Shop Supervisor

Email: kkinzer@flagstaff.ab.ca


Steve Kroetch

Lead Mechanic

Email: skroetch@flagstaff.ab.ca


Trina Lassu

PW Admin Coordinator/Ind.Liason

Email: tlassu@flagstaff.ab.ca


Janice Kroetsch

Public Works Administrative Assistant

Email: jkroetsch@flagstaff.ab.ca


Please contact Flagstaff County Public Works Department to receive a copy of this presentation at:

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